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  1. L

    How to handle the "interrogation" rides?

    I've had two riders who immediately upon getting into the car started asking questions and it continued for the whole ride. They were long rides to the airport so it was more of an issue than it would have been on a short ride. The conversation was not a back and forth. They didn't ask questions...
  2. K

    Conversation with a rider

    On Thursday night I was working, I received a job on Surg Price 2.3, I made my way to the rider, arrived he jumped in, I confirmed the name. Before I started the trip, the rider goes, well you must be lucky I am giving you a good job, Surg Price 2.3, I told him thank you but let me start the...
  3. Halfmybrain

    More Popcorn! (Rider conversations)

    Fun couple from River North to South Loop. When riders call out a jackass driver on your behalf (privately), you know it's gonna be a good ride. Lady sang along to my Earth Wind & Fire music (lead singer has a high falsetto voice). I told the gent, "Wow, Ken, you're a good singer." That cracked...
  4. Halfmybrain

    This is Us / Awkward Ride

    Ever wish you could unhear something? 90 second scene from This is Us, Season 3 Episode 2 (two weeks ago). Video recording from my cell phone was too big (Even when I cut it down to the last 13 seconds). This scene gave me the willies, because it features a very inutuitive character who usually...
  5. Cowboy Dan

    When To Talk, When To Shut Up

    As we all do, I greet every passenger with some type of generic greeting and from that I usually get a sense of the type of person I'm dealing with. If I have more than one pax I try to stay out of the conversation, unless they go out of the way to involve me. Teenagers, I don't even bother. One...
  6. Classified

    Conversation reported issue

    ive had many reported issues, as most do, navigation, safety, professionalism, Uber says This is to help you improve, yet how can I improve if I don’t know which trip it was?? I’ve done 8000trips in 2years, yet 9people have complained, so I must be doing something right, my rating is 4.94*...
  7. BurgerTiime

    Uber used apps to hold secret conversations that may incriminate them

    https://www.reuters.com/article/uber-waymo-evidence/rpt-ubers-use-of-encrypted-messaging-may-set-legal-precedents-idUSL1N1O0065 NOVEMBER 30, 2017 / 6:00 AM RPT-Uber's use of encrypted messaging may set legal precedents By Paresh Dave and Heather Somerville SAN FRANCISCO, Nov 30 (Reuters) -...
  8. Kim "Pinky"

    Had my first uber member chat

    Usually I don't talk to anyone while waiting for a uber request at Ohare but today a nice gentleman started a conversation with me. Makes me don't feel too paranoid lol
  9. RedoBeach

    Totally Random, & not Uber, but Just Want Funny Comments

    Did any of you happen to see this recent picture of Pan, Saturn's moon? It looks like someone deflated it! O https://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/news/3005/cassini-reveals-strange-shape-of-saturns-moon-pan/
  10. Slat90

    Boredom as you drive pax on their phone conversations

    When I drove yellow I always kept myself entertained by listening on my headphones to YouTube,, podcasts and just learn things as I do my job and it helps ignoring pax annoying talks. With this kind of business my phone is hostage to the GPS. So do you guys do anything to keep you entertained...
  11. Che97

    Do you enjoy small talk? Do you think it affects your rating?

    First of all, hi everyone to everyone who contributes regularly to this forum. I've been Ubering for over a year now and thought I'd finally take the plunge and make an account so I too could help out. To the meat of this thread. Do you like chatting with your passengers? After reading through...
  12. P

    The Woes of Temporary Companionship

    Does anyone else notice a personal affect from the people who you meet, get to know, and bid farewell- to never hear from them again? Personally, I find it easy to connect with my clients. I have many good insightful conversations and instant friendships that abruptly end, obviously, as soon as...
  13. Django81


    Well, first some grips - I hate when they eat or drink in my car. Now onto non-grips - Do you play music or listen to the radio while driving pax's around? I want to sometimes but default to peaceful silence and conversations with my pax. What do you do?
  14. DieselkW

    What lies do you tell PAX?

    Not every time, but if the rating system comes up in conversation, I tell them on the "driver app", we can see the star rating from each passenger so we can better know what might have gone wrong and work towards improving the experience. Since we get deactivated for 4.6* average, but passengers...