1. Phill

    WARNING: NEW UBER CONTRACT (Opt out of arbitration)

    Had to agree to a new contract today. Looks like it replaces the 2015 contract. Make sure you opt out of arbitration. If I have time I’ll look for any noticeable differences between the two and report back.
  2. Jack Malarkey

    Revised Uber Eats delivery agreement from 3 October 2019

    In-app message sent on Wednesday 11 September 2019: Read the new agreement:
  3. Rich-Concepts

    Uber is dead what’re my legal options with LCR?

    The recent event has taken a toll on the income for Uber Drivers and left them with burden on paying car rental. As a result, many LCR hirers are fighting uphill battles against LCR. Many had tried to knock at their doors, but were outright rejected. Many hirers feel that LCR has breached the...
  4. BurgerTiime

    Judge says Uber breached contract with drivers involving ‘Safe Rides’ fee A U.S. District Court judge has just handed some Uber drivers a win by concluding the ride-hailing company breached a contract pertaining to “Safe Rides” fees. In U.S. District...
  5. UberDriverAU

    Changes to your Services Agreement

    I just received the email below from Uber, and noticed a few interesting things: (1) From the 1st of December, Uber will operate through a local Australian company. (2) Consequently, GST will be charged on all fees for every driver, whether or not you've supplied an ABN and GST details. (3)...
  6. KellyC

    If anyone has a copy of the May 22 2017 addendum could you pls post it here?

    Or point me to a link on Uber's website (I've looked, can't find it). Uber sent it me in the app but I cannot read it and it's not in a format that I can even email to myself. Thanks!
  7. KellyC

    Uber sent me the "RASIER Financial Terms Addendum May 22 2017" on the app but not via email

    And I can't find it on their website, natch. So if I want to read it and compare it to the language it's replacing I have to read the teeny print on the phone doc (not email-able). It's almost like they don't want us to be able to really read it. Why would that be ...
  8. BurgerTiime

    Spotify considered ending Uber partnership amid mounting scandals As criticism of Uber has mounted over the past month, one of its most prominent partners has discussed whether to continue its relationship with the company. Spotify decided not to...
  9. BurgerTiime

    UberBlack driver sues for breach of contract for demoting him to UberX AN Uber car operator has threatened to sue the ride-sharing company for more than $26,000, claiming its “deceptive”...
  10. D

    $100 to find a Xchange Leasing contract

    My bro wanna be a driver of Uber Xchange Leasing Program. But I know little about it. Can anyone send me a copied contract to let me have a clear picture about this job? I think it would be great helpful for me to learn about this program and then I can make up my mind if my bro should be a Uber...
  11. circle1

    Has Anybody Had The Uber Contract Disected/Explained?

    So, you may have seen the post from the (ex) Uber driver who was unceremoniously dumped after pax kept reporting them as being intoxicated . . . there's a whole 'nother thread disussion right there! But, has anyone actually understood the terms of their contract with Uber/Lyft?
  12. K

    Contracts to drive Uber

    I received through my partner app 3 documents that need to be agreed to before driving. I want to send them to my legal shield provider firm to review but can't figure out how to get them for either printing or download to email. Is anyone familiar with the Service Fee Addendum, IL Addendum and...
  13. N0tU8er

    What is the UBER Policy on "Letter of Resignation" as a "Independent Contractor"

    Any exUber "independent Contractor, who sent out a "Letter of Resignation" as "Independent Contractor to terminate the "Independent Employment Contract"? Appreciate any advice on the process. If it is a "At-Will" contract, Driver should be able to "Quit"
  14. Silver Cap

    Vehicle criteria

    Hi All, Does anyone know the use by date for an uber black car. There is no end date set in the contract and the vehicle requirements list changes every year.
  15. N

    What would your rate be for regularly scheduled runs?

    Given a scenario where: it's the DC area, guaranteed trips from Ashburn to Alexandria in the morning and then return in the evening, Monday thru Friday. Return trip pick up would be a 1 to 2 hour window with about 30 min response time. Potential for stops (2 to 3 hours) in the district prior to...
  16. MrsUberJax

    Tomorrow is your last chance to Opt out in Jax

    Hello Jax drivers! This past month Uber was smacked down by a judge in a case that they had pending in a court case elsewhere. The judge had told them that the language in their contract was illegal and unenforceable so as a result, exactly a month ago Uber issued a new driver contractual...
  17. L

    Fight for your rights: Research on the issues encountered by Uber drivers

    Hi All! I am researching on Uber Terms&Conditions, policies, etc. to understand if they are transparent and if they creates issues from a driver's perspective. Therefore, I would be very grateful to know from you guys: 1. Is there anything in the Terms, policies that you don't like/would like...
  18. G

    Uber is hiring Partner Support Reps (Edited: and for other positions)

    Came across this if anyone would rather do this than driving: