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  1. Driver777

    Contacting rider after trip.

    Looking for some feedback, Receivers complaint 'contacting rider after a trip' I did not think possible for driver to do... Has anyone had this problem, and why does uber think it's possible to do this?
  2. smittenkitten

    Thread for useless trolls

    information deleted. See you in the funny papers.
  3. WestSydGuy

    PAX requesting business cards

    Last night two passengers requested a business card or asked how they could select a particular Uber that’s nearby. Anybody experienced this before, is there a way to allow previous customers to find/pre-book/contact an old driver again? I thought about a business card, but it’s unlikely I’d...
  4. D

    My account needs attention

    I 've recently started to work with UBER and now I am trying to go online but once I ve click the driver app a message appears and says my account needs attention , contact support.. I have disappointed with this decision at least they had to send me a message to let me know what happend and...
  5. LogManNJ

    Contact Lyft Driver

    Does anyone know of a way to contact a Lyft driver outside of using the App? We don't have access to the app here.
  6. M

    Uber Rejecting Direct Emails?

    Has anyone noticed that now you can no longer send emails direct to "partnersnj@uber.com" Ive tried twice and gotten back this generic reply....One can only assume that Uber got tired of drivers emailing theming directly...so isntead were supposed to get our questions answered form a list of...
  7. Vee Renee

    Is there any way to contact customer service??

    i am having a terribly hard time trying to contact somebody thru Uber! I have been trying to get started and already have been stopped in my tracks. I uploaded my documents online and after being prompted to download the app i was told to upload them again! I only have a copy of my insurance...
  8. B

    Escalate from local Uber headquarters

    Hey there I have an issue with one of my referrals ($100) that Uber doesn't feel like paying for it, I'm wondering how to contact headquarters as every e-mail I write is forwarded to the local office (Colombia). P.S: no I did not forget to put the referral code. Thanks
  9. CastIronPancake

    Courteousy Text Passenger Idea, yay or nay?

    I've read so many different opinions on texting passengers, but I feel like I'd appreiate this as a rider. What do you guys think? Let me give you the script: 1)Trip Accepted AutoSMS to pax (via Tasker): "Hello! This is your driver, _____, and I'm on my way! If you could, please confirm your...
  10. Ruadh


    Who is the Edmonton admin and how might I contact of them Thankx
  11. E

    How do I contact Uber?

    I am attempting to contact Uber about a wrongly calculated trip. Last time I sent them an email it said that Uber no longer uses email and will not reply. Is there a alternative email(s) or another way?
  12. Richmy

    Miami/Ft. lauderdale/PalmBeach Twitter

    Are there any twitter hashtags, lists or groups in south Florida where drives can comunicate in real realtime?
  13. R

    Fastest way to send text???

    What is the fastest way to send a text to the pax starting from the partner app? Let me explain: when I reach the pick up location, I often have to send a text to the pax (such as a brief description of my car, question regarding what building there in, letting them know I'm there, etc.). This...
  14. R

    Contacting Drivers for Survey

    Hey everyone, I'm Rob, a university student in Worcester MA, who's trying to conduct research that'd require a survey of Uber driver opinions. I was wondering if anyone would have any ideas on how best to conduct this. I was planning on posting something here on the forums, but maybe there's a...