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  1. IDriveGNV

    I don't want to be on camera!

    After reflecting on my worst pax to date, the vast majority of them announced themselves to be problem pax at the beginning by showing a reluctance to be surveilled by my security dashcam. I'm considering declining to begin the trip when this occurs. I believe I'm within my rights to do so...
  2. mr. mean gene

    Passenger Cancels Trip Issue

    Drive should have the option to cancel the trip as well. Not just the passenger. If the passenger cancels the trip on their app while riding with the driver, the app should alert the driver on their phone the option if he/she wants to cancel the trip on their phone before they arrive to their...
  3. U

    How to Consent to Background Check?

    Hey everyone, I just signed up to drive with uberEats. It's asking me to consent to a background check on my profile page in order to complete the signup, but I can't find anywhere on the profile or account pages that allow to do this. Anywhere know where this function is?
  4. Missmira1122

    Can we just talk about.....

    I got a divorce earlier this year. When I signed on with Uber I signed up with my maiden name because I changed it back after the divorce. With the exception of my registration, all my paperwork is in my maiden name (license, insurance, motor vehicle registry itself [I didn't feel like paying...
  5. D

    Florida law on dash cam recording - inside and outside video/audio

    what is the law regarding dash cam video in florida ? is there some bs consent that is required for me to record people on my own property? most people notice it but just think its interesting - Do i just need to say - i got a dashcam there! for safety , do i even need to bring it up? i have...
  6. MAK


    UBER: We are reaching out to notify you that it is time for your annual safety screening. Please consent as soon as possible to avoid being waitlisted. Tap here to consent: R they gonna look into your credit score and report too? And if yes then why checking once credit cards and scores? I can...
  7. UberDrag Race

    Video recording and consent in Tampa.

    So I have some really great ideas for making money from this ride share adventure I go on frequently. My rides talk and have a blast I think I could have a lot of fun making this into a vlog. Keeping it SFW as possible what are the limitations with the state, county, city, and company. ..can any...