1. DMAGENT99

    Low class illiterate drivers wearing pajamas, beach wear and flip flops with stanky feet driving dented cars.

    Oh of course let's not forget the ones with brakes grinding and squeeling, or driving with a broken headlights or turn signals These folks are out of control. I believe Goodwill sells used shoes all sizes to cover up those ugly feet. I have some extra duct tape if needed to hold your piece of...
  2. bonum exactoris

    Unions back pay effort for Uber, Lyft drivers
  3. Slappy113

    Connecticut Lyft Driver that is now able to Pick-up in Westchester NY.

    Over the past couple of weeks I have gained the ability to pick up in Westchester County NY for LYFT as a Connecticut based driver (Still not able to w/ UBER ). Would anyone else have experience or know why this is? Could this be a glitch in the system or has LYFT opened this region up to...

    New Zello channel

    There's a new Zello channel where it's going to be strict industry talk with zero tolerance for bragging or outside talk. The room is Connecticut Transportation Network and the password is CTUBERLYFT203860.
  5. Msaliani61

    Any way to be registered to drive for both NYC suburbs and NJ??

    So I live in Rockland County, NY. my home is 15 miles from Bergen County NJ and I often find myself going to Newark Airport or some other part of North Jersey. I also go to Manhattan a lot. which is troubling for me, because I must leave the city to get another ride with Uber which means every...
  6. M

    CT Car Rental

    I was told by Uber support that drivers can now rent vehicles in Connecticut and work. All we have to do is use our personal insurance and upload rental documents. Has anyone tried this or is this something else that support has no idea on?
  7. Sawuwaya

    Uber has MOVED the Multi-City Driving Map for Drivers of CT!

    I know I am new to this forum. I thank the creators for this opportunity to vent my frustration out and to find out HOW I can keep track when Uber makes changes to my livelihood, and my ability to make money. I am not always up on what Uber does, wants, can and cannot do. Basically, I want to...
  8. J

    Trade dress updated

    just got an email that now says trade dress must be in the rear window. Up until today I believe it was supposed to be in front window, where mine has been for months. Makes more sense to have it in front so riders see it as you approach Actually reads like they want you to put it on the...
  9. burgerflipper

    Stamford problems

    Got another Stamford/Greenwich ride a few days ago and thought I'd hang around the area, try to get a ride back. Two hours later and not single 45+ ping, not only that but I don't think I received a single ping while in Stamford (although I did receive a shorty in Greenwich, which I accepted to...
  10. J

    trade dress or fine

    Today is Oct 1 and all drivers supposed to have uber logo in bottom right corner of windshield. A friend warned me that some local law enforcement are salivating at the prospect of making some money in fines. They will be on the lookout for drivers to fine if they dont have trade dress. Since...
  11. Maven

    Child Safety Seat Laws

    If you have not already encountered a parent with a young child, but no Child Safety Seat (car seat), then you soon will. The parent will beg you to transport them, despite the HUGE RISK to you, the driver. You may feel compassionate, but is that or a couple of dollars worth the terrible...
  12. J

    question for premium drivers

    if you qualify for UberX and premium on your vehicle, do you treat or do anything differently for the premium riders, i.e. open their door, offer water snacks etc? Do any of you drive the Chrysler 300 for both? how do you like it? A friend of mine is interested in going this route
  13. Jknickstape

    Uber Eats in CT

    How's it going fellow uberers I just recently starting driving Uber eats mainly because I own a Hyundai Veloster that's a 3 door and can't regular drive So I decided to try eats arohnd my area of Danbury. I started 3 days ago and have only had 4 orders In those 4 days. I heard that new haven and...
  14. Maven

    Coverage Area

    There is a huge geographic range over which you may pickup passengers. Anyone authorized for NYC-Suburbs may (reportedly) pickup anywhere in Westchester, Rockland, and Long Island Hamptons (eastern tip of LI with high rates) Upstate-NY (anywhere in NYS north of Westchester/Rockland) All of...
  15. Annah

    Uber SUV

    So my husband wants to buy a suburban 2016 and do UberSUV in Conneticut primarily starting around greenwich and stamford he claims hell make $1000 a week at the least $800/900 a week working 5 days a week Monday thru Friday from 9am to 6:30pm because UberSuv rates are high. Im doubting it i...
  16. Ride-Share-Risk-Manager

    Juno- The more we ignore you, the closer you get.

    Folks, A bunch of our drivers drove for Juno as part of our desire to foster more competition and that it was a good idea to have Lyft, Uber and Juno as strategic options. We stopped working for Juno after the recent RSU debacle with the sale of the company to Gett. Not that we ever really...
  17. P

    Morning Surges in Greenwich, Stamford

    Has anyone ever driven the Morning Hours in Greenwich, Stamford ? I see the have a surge guarantee going there Monday thru Wednesday. Is it worth attempting to work that area during those hours? I have about a hour drive to get there not sure it will be worth my wild / dead miles getting there ?
  18. Maven

    Pickups only in CT, RI, NJ (Official)

    Just got this back from Uber support, although it's already been mentioned in this forum. __________________ Based on our resources, Connecticut partners are allowed to drive in Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Jersey. If you wish to drive in Boston, Western Massachusetts, and Worcester, you...
  19. Maven

    New Background Checks

    As of April 3rd, no rideshare driver may pickup in Massachusetts until they have passed the Massachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check, which is more stringent than Uber's background check, but does not require fingerprinting. This also applies to drivers in adjacent states...
  20. Maven

    Project Jumpstart Connecticut

    This came in my email today. Uber's latest attempt at PR to improve their scandal-ridden image. Seems corporate has finally noticed how many customers Lyft has stolen from them. Will you be submitting the name of a worthy organization? How about paying Uber drivers more? What will the grand...