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  1. E

    Can i ask you guys something ?? (Working holiday visa))

    Hi. I have a working holiday visa. Yeah I am foreigner, 1. So , can i become Uber driver with working hoilday visa? 2. I have a full driver license, but i have been having this from August 2018. It is okay for applying as uber driver? Available period is till August 2020. But Apparently, it...
  2. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Passenger Cancellation and cancellation fees

    Would like to know under what conditions when a Customer requests an Uber and they decides to cancel, that the driver receives the $4.40 cancellation fee? Had 2 cancellations from pax, for both I accepted the request, one I received a cancellation fee, after the pax cancelled. For the 2nd I...
  3. Beepbeep41

    High Level Of Customer Service/Low Level Pay

    Why is it so? People demand this high level of customer service from us Uber driver! The pay is half for driver from 4yrs ago! When only Taxi you could spit on shoes, cuss & abuse for twice the earnings. Now we polish shoes for these cheap skates! So wrong, so draining! It’s almost like i a...
  4. VUT

    Les Nouvelles Conditions au Québec

    Vous pouvez voir les nouvelles conditions pour être chauffeur Uber dans la province du Québec dans forum Montréal. Notez qu'il est encore risqué de conduire avant le 29 septembre 2016.
  5. L

    Fight for your rights: Research on the issues encountered by Uber drivers

    Hi All! I am researching on Uber Terms&Conditions, policies, etc. to understand if they are transparent and if they creates issues from a driver's perspective. Therefore, I would be very grateful to know from you guys: 1. Is there anything in the Terms, policies that you don't like/would like...