1. Statiq

    Boost at Jay Z & Beyoncé Concert

    So it looks like the boost was only for X & Pool rides at the Concert last night. What is Uber signaling?? First no early Surge for select and now no Boost. Not liking this at all!
  2. S

    Slightly Stoopid concert in Cocoa Villate today at 5pm

    There will probably be rides to and from this event... At Cocoa Riverfront park. Be aware that traffic will be congested around the venue.
  3. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Shania Twain Concert at the Scotiabank Arena for July 6 and July 7

    Anyone planning to scoops some extra business tonight for the Shania Twain Concert at the Scotiabank Arena (formerly ACC or Air Canada Centre)? - I believe the concert starts at 7:30 pm.
  4. SuperuberSFL

    Total bull - surge capped at 1.6 for X, XL

    BB&T Harry Styles concert Surge was capped at 1.6 max all night. At this rate it doesn’t make sense waiting anymore
  5. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Def Leppard and Journey Concert at Rogers Centre

    Hello Drivers, Anyone planning to capitalize on ridesharing business pre- and post- concert at the Roger's Centre from 7 pm - 11 pm tonight? How is business before and after a concert usually? I've never tried it! LOL.
  6. Jopplynn

    Darien Lakes Concerts

    Thought I'd share a piece of info I started to figure out yesterday. My day job is in Batavia so I often go online after work before I head home to see if anything comes up. I'd been watching Darien Lakes website to look for guidance on where rides should be entering/dropping off, etc. and...
  7. HiDuuken

    U2 Concert at MIA Dolphin Stadium

    Anybody know what time it will end?
  8. Uber_girl99

    Plenty of Phish

    Its truly an experience working the Phish concerts Friday and Saturday. This was my second time. The first time was when they were at Lakewood. The passengers are cool when you take them to the concert but when you picked them up after the concert it's like picking up zombies. Every time I would...
  9. R

    Concert at United Center

    Hey guys it doesn't show on the events in the app but there's a concert here at UC and should get out around 1130! Good luck :)
  10. Jdprod123

    Wrigley Pearl Jam Concert Tonight. Question!

    As I'm sure everyone is aware, there's a Pearl Jam concert tonight from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm at Wrigley. I know there's not a definitive answer to this but where and when might potentially be a good place and time to start with potential pick ups to go to the concert? Also when's a good time to...
  11. AP92

    Guns N Rose's West Gate

    Any of us crazy drivers gonna attempt to drive tonight over at the Cardinal's stadium might take 20+ min to pick up passanger but might be a good ride after the concert :p
  12. Nenee

    Got a ping during a surge!!! Yay!!! Well, not according to Uber

    Last night waited for 3 hrs for the Pitbull concert to end at the Bb&T. first ping the woman didn't know where she was and refused to walk across the street so she said she would call me bk. it was cancelled. I immediately got another ping, still during surge (1.8). After lots of going bk...
  13. S

    I hope y'all got in on that Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg Concert

    Man the surge from that concert last night looked crazy! I wish I could've been driving but I actually took an Uber there and back. We (wife & I) actually left early since I wake up early as hell in the morning for airport runs lol. But I saw sooooo many uber drivers in the parking lot and at...
  14. derBingle

    Grand Ole Opry

    Hey everyone, new Uber driver in Nashville here, just wondering if being around the Grand Ole Opry on show nights is worth it? Obviously tonight the Selena Gomez concert would be better, but just wondering for future reference.
  15. C

    Sports Games and Concerts

    Is it worth it to head down to the stadiums on nights when things are going on? Pick-ups at Citizens Bank Park or Wells Fargo, let alone Linc seem to be more trouble then they are worth trying to find the passengers in the cluster f*** after games and what not. Anyone disagree?
  16. MikesUber

    The Beauty of a Random Hookup

    Oh hey UberPeople, it's me again with another installment of, "What I See Driving Nights" lol As always TL;DR at the bottom :confused: So I'm picking up from Stage AE (concert venue) here in Pittsburgh this past weekend as a show is letting out. I'm looking for John (or whatever his name was I...
  17. UberXtraordinary

    FYI-Big Concerts at Hollywood Bowl

    Saturday, Sept. 26th, 2015 Just discovered Kanye West is playing tonight at the Hollywood Bowl located at the northern tip of Highland Blvd next to the 101 Freeway. If I were driving tonight I would avoid the Highland exit from the 101, and the Cahuenga pass headed into Hollywood. Any routs...