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  1. BurgerTiime

    City cracking down on Uber/Lyft creating congestion by designated pick up zones

    http://m.startribune.com/downtown-minneapolis-to-designate-pickup-zones-for-uber-lyft-at-bar-close/501152462/ Minneapolis wants to designate a zone for Uber and Lyft drivers to pick up downtown nightclubbers and bar patrons at the end of the night, according to the city. The ride-share zone...
  2. BurgerTiime

    Drivers reportedly transporting children without car seats

    https://www.abc15.com/longform/lyft-uber-car-seat-law This is a problem where both drivers and their parent passengers are to blame. In Arizona, state law requireschildren younger than 8 years old or less than 4 feet 9 inches tall to sit in a proper child safety seat. The purpose of this...
  3. BurgerTiime

    Are you guys the reason traffic in The Bay Area is so terrible?

    http://sfist.com/2017/02/17/is_influx_of_out_of_town_uber_and_l.php It's hard to know what to believe in the war of words over the Bay Area's traffic woes. A 2015 study put San Francisco third in the country for congestion, behind only LA and DC. But while the San Francisco Municipal...
  4. Daisey77

    Where's All Of My Female Drivers?

    Thought it would be fun for us ladies to have a thread. I know I love it when I get an opportunity to talk to other femalev drivers (Men are welcome too. Just leave the testosterone at the door:D) Obviously there are certain issues that come up being a female driver. Things you don't...
  5. Ghwwe72

    So I quit Uber and they deactivate both my driver and passenger account

    Due to some concerns I had, after 1 week I decided to ask Uber to remove me as a partner. They surprisingly responded almost immediately and my account was deleted. However not only was my partner account gone, but I had to create a new account as a passenger. Is this the norm for Uber to do...
  6. kgj5000


    Hey everyone So I just started driving for uber and already have major concerns. First of all why are customers under the impression that tips are included. Also are we supposed to get paid more for additional riders. Finally I accepted 4 different calls on Sunday and they all cancelled but no...
  7. P

    Honestly...Is it worth it?

    Hi there, My name is Peter (Peej) and I am currently going through the motions/paperwork to register as an Uber 'partner' driver. I have been following Uber closely since it's introduction to the Perth public transport market and even wrote a speculative article about the company regarding my...
  8. A

    Changes over the last six months?

    Hi Guys! So, I have been reading UP for the longest time, but have not driven in about 6 months (give or take a few weeks). How much has it changed? Example: My first weekend driving (Friday night through Sunday night, save a few hours during the day and evening hours), I completed 37...