concealed carrry

  1. Zexu

    Pedestrian with dog threatened to beat me up!

    Hello, folks! I'm new here and I am a newer driver with 50-5 Star Trips. Last night, during a pool drop-off, a man walking a toy dog, challenged me to a fight. The back story is it happened around 11:45p on a Friday on a dropoff. He said, "I was an a-hole for not pulling up further into the...
  2. AmeliaIslandUber

    Who's packing heat?

    My last pickup after the Jags game were two dudes who as soon as they got in the vehicle announced that they were Uber drivers. Both grab their wife's mini van and hit the beaches Thur-Sat. We had a great conversation swapping stories the whole way to Orange Park while they directed me the...