1. Pidginbil

    Compliments to 25% tips? From Uber?

    First time posting here. Thanks to all who keep this forum valuable. So I got an email from Uber to my passenger email account. Screen shot attached, but the key text is: A compliment goes a long way This week, it's even easier to appreciate drivers who provide a great experience. When you...
  2. ub3r1can

    Riders Compliments to Drivers

    As a way to Thank us Drivers, Uber added into the App the Rider Compliments this week. They should've add a Tip function to really Thank our service. :confused: thanks for NOTHING, Uber! :mad:
  3. MikesUber

    Introducing Compliments - A New Way to Say Thanks

    Sometimes, 5 stars just isn’t enough. That’s why riders often leave notes in the app letting their driver know what he or she did to make their journey that much more enjoyable. Sometimes the small thingsㄧlike playing the perfect song at the right time or lending a hand with a heavy piece of...
  4. BAKAD

    NEW Rider compliments

    Oh boy! Let's stroke the driver some more with ever more comments from the riders. Article Here What next "you have nice shoes button" - Just pay us more we will be happier - enough with all of this.
  5. Cowboyup

    So far so good

    Last night and mostly all week I stayed out of Midtown -Houston city limits. Proof that working in suburbs is a better experience. My rating went up and received all 5 stars. And tips. Not as crazy busy as midtown but the rides are longer. For now I'll post my Pokemon inspired compliments.
  6. LasVegasWil

    Nice Ride, Buddy.

    This will be my one self-serving post this year. Since I started keeping track, 87.5% of my riders compliment my car on either being unique, having great amenities, or being very clean. I'd like to take credit and feel good about it, even though I do it more for when I ferry my granddaughter...