1. N

    The Drivers are the Problem NOT Uber

    I am a very frequent Uber and occasionally Lyft customer. I use Uber roughly 10-12 times per week, and Lyft only when I can’t get a ride in a timely fashion. I simply prefer not to drive and do not like the metro in DC. I follow the news closely and came across this forum after searching...
  2. G

    Head’s Up!! This is Uber’s actual DOCUMENTED INTERNAL procedure for resolving Service Animal complaints

    Soooooo much stupid advice about “how to avoid service animals” keeps getting posted up here that I finally felt compelled to get the truth out, so that well-meaning people will not get permanently deactivated for following all this stupid advice. (Kudos goes to @Dropking for dropping the final...
  3. LyftUberFuwabolewa

    Dashcam complaint. To reply or not to reply?

    So yesterday I have a rider who asked me about my dash cam. He said "you have a camera?" with a tone like he thought he was catching me doing something or I would be ashamed or apologetic. With pride and confidence I said "yes sir, two of them". This rider was very astute for noticing the...
  4. Janabethz

    Rider Reports Me on 1/2/2019 re: Driving Speed For Ride 30 Days Ago!?

    Hey all! I got an email Wednesday night from Uber support about how a passenger on a “recent” trip felt uncomfortable with my driving speed. Here’s the rub, I haven’t driven for Uber since November 15, 2018. I have responded to Uber and haven’t heard back yet. My question, what’s the time limit...
  5. Juggalo9er

    Lyft complaint

    I see nothing wrong with this long haul
  6. Beak

    Consecutive trip promotion blunder

    Promotion: 3 consecutive rides for 9.50 Gist: start 1st trip within specificed hours and zone, following rides can be anywhere, anytime Catch: stay online, no expired requests, no driver cancellations, rider cancel doesnt break streak but doesnt count. Rider 1. Within time and zone. No issue...
  7. NewmanUber

    Instant Pay technical issues?

    Hey, is anyone else getting a yellow or red bar above their earnings saying that Uber is having technical problems with the Instant pay? I can't seem to find anyone else who's had this problem today.
  8. T

    Anyone else get a weird account message?

    last night I received a message in app that my account was flagged because I haven’t completed my UberEATS deliveries. This is completely false. I have a 97% customer rating and would never steal food. When I tried to call the reps say they’re having issues and hang up. I emailed and they came...
  9. Dronevangelist

    Minneapolis Uber Driver Instant Pay Error 09/15/2018

    Uber lost track of my trips yesterday, and I needed to use my instant pay to cash out the $150 balance.Uber is claiming a software glitch. Uber fkd up again and thank God my mom helped me with my car payment. Otherwise my car would have been repossessed. Money is very tight for all of us...
  10. John.Hamada

    Pax went crazy and slashed my seat

    I go to pick up a passenger and he gets into my car throwing attitude when I ask him to confirm the name on the call. He tells me that he has an extra stop so I asked him to put it in for me so that we will both have insurance just incase if anything bad happens. He flips out and starts saying...
  11. M

    First time deactivation

    I was going about my business this morning, picking up and dropping off pax. I had 4 customers altogether this morning and made almost $20. I stop at a store to browse while I wait for a ding, come out of the bathroom, and my Uber app doesn’t work. Turns out the one customer that had a $2.30...
  12. Trump Economics

    Need a laugh? Check this out...

    Sometimes I get bored. Sometimes I read passenger complaints.
  13. G

    A rider felt uncomfortable with my driving speed

    This morning I woke up and saw a message from Uber support, "One of your riders let us know that they felt uncomfortable with your driving speed on a recent trip." The message also says that "serious or repeated claims of poor, unsafe, or distracted driving can result in permanent deactivation...
  14. N

    Punished for short trips

    Hi All, A little rant here - I use uber to get to work every morning. The trip is rather short - 10 min at most and I have to get a car because there is no pedestrian access - so it's not safe to walk. I have been doing this for almost a year. At first I noticed (when I checked only, about...
  15. S

    Dear UberEats drivers. From a Customer/Troll.

    - Why not stop complaining and find a better job? - We already pay a delivery fee, come to my door, other restaurants do. - Find parking, and come to my apartment, otherwise I’m calling Uber to complain. Are all things I would say two weeks ago. I decided to start this thread off like that to...
  16. Jack Barclay

    Cmon own up, who wanted a Grande?
  17. E

    Percentage stats

    I just tallied up my 5 rides over the past couple days, and realized that 56% went to Uber. Sheesh... #goodol'corporateamerica
  18. BurgerTiime

    Female Uber driver goes off on woman during pool ride when she points out the cracked windsheild

    Warning language
  19. E


    I had three straight request for 20 min rides and now my acceptance rate is 55 percent because I denied them. I have been online for 8 hours this week with no request until now. What the hell, man??
  20. T

    Slow service McDonalds Order that the customer was mad about.

    Most of the time it the drivers that have a problem with slow restaurants but this time it's the customer. Normally when I get a ping for a McDonalds order I know that it is not going to be started for a few minutes after I arrive to pickup the order. This is the normal poor customer service...