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complaining about complaints

  1. PimpMyRideShare

    Getting your Uber account deactivated due to complaint

    I picked up a crazy lady in Brooklyn who kept calling me because the GPS directed me a block away from where she was located. She was irate and had a horrible attitude. She will interrupt me while I was trying to figure out her location on the phone. When I would ask what's the intersection she...
  2. Ricky Davis

    It's a war out here

    And no more mr nice guy. The app tells you when i will be at your location, if you are not there i will give you 3 minutes and then i m rider now showing you. No sweat off my back. I will never understand how much of an @@@@@@@ you have to be to not be out there when the driver arrives. Every...
  3. mrdrprofxavier

    CAAARRRLLLL!!! (Lyft Line)

    I Drive in Chicago and normally have just been accepting Lyft Lines when I am driving around and it is dead on pings. This week I noticed that when I am driving a Lyft Line It has been automatically accepting new passengers without even giving the pop up circle thing...not sure if this has...
  4. Happy Phantom

    I sent this email to uber

    Hello. I hope this email finds you well. For starters I just want to say I take pride in being an uber partner. I love being able to provide a service and to have an impact on the world around me. I am however disheartened by how we allow passengers to use us. When I say use us, I am talking...
  5. uberphotog03

    Same Complaints, Less Pay

    I quit driving for Uber at the end of July last summer, but every once in a while, I check these forums out to see what folks are complaining about. I quit for the same reasons most people quit. You know what these are. What is sad is that people are still complaining about the same things, and...
  6. H


    I barely started driving for Uber and last night was my first night out I had an overall of 15 trips and my ratings are 6 5 stars out of 8 rated trips and overall rating is a 4.43 is something wrong that I'm doing this is the only job that will put food on the table for now I am going back out...
  7. JaxBeachDriver

    Stop Telling Me How To Post

    With regard to the people who post threads such as "Please stop posting negative" and "For all the complainers..." and the like, I have this to say: stop telling me how to post. Stop complaining about complaining. If you don't want to hear facts (or, as you like to call them, "complaining" or...