competition conflict

  1. Maven

    Lyft Beating Uber?

    Lyft is gaining market share on Uber, but Uber remains far ahead. What will it take for Lyft to pull ahead in this race and beat Uber? Will Lyft’s efforts to take on Uber come at the expense of its drivers? Google: Lyft How Your Pay Is Calculated and Google: Lyft’s efforts to take on Uber in...
  2. vdaddy

    Chicken Fight

    What do you do during a stand/drive off? If not familiar, you and fellow Uber driver are driving side by side down a street..
  3. Libertyfare

    I think I was followed home.

    Since it is kind of known that taxi drivers are a bit upset about Uber drivers. It kind of concerned me when I parked for the night that a taxi should drive past my house. It is a quite area and a dead end street not a cut through to anywhere. There are only a handful of homes there and one...