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  1. Jack Malarkey

    No compensation for ACT taxi owners; increase in taxi plates to 500 from 358

    https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/amp.canberratimes.com.au/national/act/people-are-crying-to-me-on-the-phone-taxi-owners-face-bankruptcy-20180918-p504i1.html 'People are crying to me on the phone': Taxi owners face bankruptcy By Daniel Burdon 19 September 2018 — 12:00am Talking points The ACT...
  2. Jack Malarkey

    Uber pays drivers for app problem

    Today (Monday 20 November 2017) Uber sent me an email advising a special payment related to app problems on 10 November. The amount I received was $15.42. Hi Jack, On November 10, you may have noticed a brief service interruption. While we fixed the issue quickly, we appreciate your patience...
  3. U

    Paid to wrap my car

    I recently got approached from a local company to wrap my car. They would pay for the wrap and compensate me on a monthly basis as long as I continue to drive Uber on the weekends. Has anyone else been approached by companies offering this? I'm intreagued as I could use the extra cash.
  4. Jack Malarkey

    Victorian cabbies to pay income tax on licence compensation

    http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/taxi-drivers-to-pay-income-tax-on-licence-compensation/news-story/ad6f1dd9b1da35a76c90c588b1940793 This article is behind a paywall but the following paragraph provides the gist. The article also mentions that the Victorian Public Transport...
  5. Maven

    180 Days of Change Suggestions

    Is Uber serious about improving driver relations or is "180 Days of Change" merely a gimmick to give the appearance of change without any real substance? Adding Tipping, while the single most asked for change by drivers, will not have as significant impact as many others. Here are a few examples...
  6. AllenChicago

    Here's How Much Uber Drivers Really Make

    http://time.com/money/4845407/uber-drivers-really-make-per-hour/?xid=homepage Here's How Much Uber Drivers Really Make TIME (time.com) MONEY July 10, 2017 by Rob Wile How much money do Uber drivers really earn? Since launching in 2009, the company has often changed its pricing model, and the...
  7. AllenChicago

    Recent Study: Uber Pay Compared To Other "Sharing" Gigs.

    July 10, 2017 Excerpt from Time.com article: ""The most recent earnings study comes from loan company Earnest, which used loan application data that included Uber earnings to show that Uber can be among the most lucrative platforms for "gig economy" workers. The median Uber driver makes $155...
  8. Driveroptimization

    Unloaded miles driven by a driver on any given day

    Do you think Uber, Lyft and the others do a good job in reducing the amount of unloaded miles driven by each driver in a work day?
  9. Maven

    Rising Gas Prices & Rising Pay

    Gas prices have been rising steadily for the last few weeks and most predictions are gas prices will continue to rise 40 cents per gallon or more by summer. This directly affects the profitability and effective net pay of rideshare drivers and delivery drivers, who are independent contractors...
  10. BurgerTiime

    US Gas Prices Rise 9 Cents to $2.43 a Gallon but no pay increase

    http://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/2017/04/10/us-gas-prices-rise-9-cents-to-2-43-gallon.html The average price of a gallon of regular-grade gasoline rose 9 cents nationally over the past two weeks, to $2.43. Industry analyst Trilby Lundberg said Sunday that increased oil prices and the...
  11. A

    Addison Lee and Uber Back Pay And Holiday Claims

    Hello All Join GMB Union and UPHD to start claiming back pay and holiday pay for thousands of pounds each. Leigh Day Solicitors will be claiming for hundreds of drivers in New Year against Uber, and Addison Lee. Uber Back Pay Addison Lee Back Pay. Hundreds of drivers are now making back...
  12. AllenChicago

    Uber & Lyft Pay Declines as Better Educated Drivers Leave.

    November 23, 2016 A newly completed study by JP Morgan Chase, shows that Lyft and Uber are lowering the amount of money they're paying U.S. drivers. As a result of the pay cuts, combined with a growing economy, the better Uber/Lyft drivers are now finding "real" jobs. Full Story...
  13. DrivenToDistraction

    Driving The World Series

    This past weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I drove for Uber in Chicago while the World Series was going on. The experience exemplified one of the ways that Uber screws its drivers, and, I believe, ultimately hurts Uber and its passengers. The traffic was terrible in the entire town, but...
  14. M

    Long Distance Pickups

    So I have been driving for 2 weeks now. I am in an area that is new to Uber and does not have a whole lot of drivers. Sometimes demand is scarce as I will be online for an hour or more with no rides. However by far my larger complaint is long distance pickups. I was out driving the other evening...
  15. W

    Uber I Want Full Disclosure or The Competition Bureau Will be My Next Call

    I have been driving for 8 weeks and have pretty much summed up that the Uber experience is a LOSING proposition or should I say WIN for riders - LOSE for drivers and WIN for Uber. I am requesting that Uber provide full disclosure for the following; 1) Total amount of registered drivers in a...
  16. drcuber

    The work lives of uber drivers

    Hi, all, I'm working on a research project about the lives of uber drivers and what work looks like in "the sharing economy", from the drivers' perspective. The project is affiliated with Professors in George Washington University in DC and the City University of New York. We're interested in...
  17. AllenChicago

    Would You Choose A Flat Commission to Lyft if You Could?

    This always comes to mind when driving longer distances, in annoying Traffic. Lyft does the same amount of "work" getting us a ride, no matter if that ride is 5 miles (10 minutes) or 35 miles (1.5 hours in city traffic). Lyft pairs us with a rider, and their work is done..completely. I...
  18. W

    Quick question

    I have just left my phone in an uber, I have emailed uber and I am waiting for a response. My question is if you leave a phone in the uber and the next customer picks steals it is there any sort of compensation? I guess there is no way of proving you left your phone in the car but I don't know...
  19. udaisal014

    Asking Compensation

    Hi, I recently got accident during off hour as Uber driver. The insurance company that hit me sent my car to auto workshop. It took around three (3) days to fix it. My question, Is it okay to ask compensation to insurance company that hit me for the days I don't drive Uber? Is it okay to...