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  1. Veto_Corleone

    POLL - What kind of ride??

    Long time lurker first time poster here :) Curious if you drive for Fuber in SF, about what percentage of your custies are: 1. Express Poo (%) 2. Poo (%) 3. X (%) 4. Anything higher (%) Vs for Lyft: 1. Shared (%) 2. Lyft (%) 3. Anything higher (%) For the statistically challenged, the Uber...
  2. T

    Losing money doing UberEats. FYI Don't work Monday or Tueday!!!!

    This week Uber changed the boost in Minneapolis so that every area has the same boost and it is much lower then what is was last week and before that they expanded the delivery area but they don't have any restaurants in the expanded area other then crappy fast food restaurants like McDonald's...
  3. AllenChicago

    Recent Study: Uber Pay Compared To Other "Sharing" Gigs.

    July 10, 2017 Excerpt from Time.com article: ""The most recent earnings study comes from loan company Earnest, which used loan application data that included Uber earnings to show that Uber can be among the most lucrative platforms for "gig economy" workers. The median Uber driver makes $155...
  4. KeJorn

    Rate Comparisons: Uber, Lyft, GetMe, YellowCab

    Attached is a PDF of the spreadsheet I created. To view the spreadsheet, download it from dropbox (no other way to attach an Excel Spreadsheet from what I can see). Excel Spreadsheet: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tlz66l2o38nwyv3/TNC_RateComparison_v1.9.xlsx?dl=0 With the spreadsheet, manipulate...