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  1. Maven

    Comparitive NYS Rates with Surrounding Areas

    Lyft pays better than Uber in Upstate-NY, for individual trips, even though their rates are similar. Unfortunately, Lyft generates far fewer requests per hour. :( Lyft is suggested as a supplement for Uber everywhere in the region except NJ, where Lyft is more popular. Please reply with info...
  2. Maven

    Upstate-NY Rates

    Upstate-NY is all of NY State north of NYC-Suburbs (Westchester County, Rockland County, and Long Island). Rates in all of Upstate-NY, from Buffalo to Binghamton to Albany, appear to be the same. Uber is new in Upstate-NY so there are few expectations. It may be useful to compare rates in nearby...
  3. Maven

    Lyft Line Tips, POLL

    Please answer the POLL if you have done Lyft Line, regardless how you feel about Lyft Line. How do tips received doing Lyft Line compare to other Lyft trips? Most drivers feel about the same about Lyft Line as they do about uberPOOL, general negative. Please reply if At the end of a day, you...
  4. August1

    San Fran or San Diego?

    I've been driving for lyft and uber in San Diego for a few months now and it's just not cuttin it. I'm thinking about heading to San Fran for a week or week end to see if I'll make any more. What do you all think?