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  1. Maven


    Anybody familiar with this new attempt to organize drivers. supposedly they are developing a new and different way (not yet released) for drivers to organize and communicate. I believe that you can browse the web site without joining by logging-in using the "demo" username and password. Of...
  2. F


    I set up a Discord server for us GNV drivers. Discord is a free text and/or voice chat that works via web browser or dedicated apps on most platforms. If you're intersted, PM me for the invite link.
  3. Corder

    Real time advice and driver connections

    Need real time advice? Use GroupMe and search for: 1 of 3 groups Lyft Drivers Uber Drivers Uber and Lyft Drivers Simple common sense applies, no bashing other drivers, no name calling or spamming. You'll get booted/blocked from the group.
  4. Corder

    Communication app for drivers

    Since Lyft or Uber doesn't have this I've created the following groups on GroupMe App so drivers can communicate while out on the road. (I personally don't do Facebook messenger - hate it). Sometimes it's nice just to say hey or let's meet for the nights stories, or hey I need assistance etc...
  5. Cam11b

    Suggestion To Strike Organizers

    Having problems communicating to other drivers in your market? Try using the system to your advantage... E.g. Ask current supporters/drivers to use the passenger app to send text messages to other drivers by requesting rides, copy-pasting a message and sending it via the app, then cancellation...
  6. JerseyBoy911

    Keep in Touch!

    I made a GroupMe chat. You don't need to download the app although it makes it ten time easier to use if you do download it. We can now keep.in touch in real time while we're out Ubering. Spead the word. Let's get this to be a regular thing! Now if there is something going down, we can know...
  7. Flanagandesign

    Suggestion for Rating system update!

    As far as ratings go we all know that they are rather unforgiving for drivers and pax often may not realize anything less than a 5 is bad. In the rating system there is clearly a spot to write comments and one would expect to get a comment as to why they are getting a bad rating. Otherwise how...
  8. R

    Picking up at airports

    So we finally received information about picking up at the airports, but it was missing a lot of key information. I just sent the following list of questions to support and will see if they answer them, and if so, if they do so thoroughly: Please provide researched answers to all the following...