common courtesy

  1. SideHustle UberAnnie

    Pet Peeve.....Apartment Complexes

    My biggest pet peeve is picking up at apartment complexes. I already know that if I am picking up or dropping off at an apartment complex I am either taking you to or from work and I will not be receiving a tip. At the very least, we can at least make things speedy so that I can move on to my...
  2. 1GirlAlone


    Nowadays "Common Sense" is a freaking super-power. I drive for Uber-Eats and I swear to beans .... I've never dealt with so many super stupid @ss people. A few examples: People ordering food and want it delivered to a community that is gated and either do not have gate access information or...
  3. M


    I've heard some bad things about Uber drivers from riders, about their cleanliness, their car's cleanliness, having no idea how to follow their gps, and doing drugs with the riders. While I think that's all a shame and could easily be avoided, I actually witnessed something tonight and had to...