1. Lando74

    Comfort vs. X Commission Rates

    I need some input before I decide how much time to invest calling support. Is the commission for both X and Comfort supposed to be the same? I pay 20% for X and Uber's taking 28% for Comfort. The result is I actually earn less on Comfort than X. Did they screw up or are the percentages supposed...
  2. B

    Bolt Onboarding - 7.5% Commission!!

    So Hopp have rebranded to Bolt it seems! Went along this morning to sign up - they're rocking a pretty good offer! 7.5% commission for the first 2 months as long as you sign up by the 7th June and then it's going to be 15% which still seems good as a new driver!
  3. L

    Extra commission bonus

    Posted before but if anyone is interested still in being an affiliate for fintech company Curve then do let me know. They are all your cards in one and you make a commission for each sign up.
  4. DriveDriveDrive!

    New app- inDriver -coming to Ohio!

    Hi all, I am a driver from New York (Mostly Lyft, as they are charging lower commissions than Uber) We recently had the pleasure of testing out an app called inDriver. It is an international app in over 180 cities worldwide. I am starting conversations like these to get drivers opinion on the...
  5. WestSydGuy

    DiDi Chux price drop in Melb

    with DiDi dropping commission to 5% in Melbourne to make drivers smile, but with lower fares too, are we expecting any promo in Sydney from uber or Ola with lower commissions? I know I’d prefer any pings from a rideshare company that had 5% commission rather than 27.5%...
  6. Nightrider_73

    Ola commission now 22.5%

    I checked Ola’s “Ride Earning Breakup” for a trip I did today and noticed that they are now charging drivers 22.5% commission, not the 15% they notified us about by email. The per km amount has now dropped from $1.34 (under the introductory 7.5%) to $1.23 (at 15%) to $1.12. See attached...
  7. Jack Malarkey

    Many Ola drivers moving to 15% commission

    Many (but by no means all) Ola drivers yesterday (Thursday 6 July 2018) received the following email advising them that, effective Friday 6 July at 2.00 pm, they would be paying Ola’s standard commission rate of 15% rather than the introductory rate of 7.5%: Dear # # Thanks in large part to...
  8. Jack Malarkey

    Ola commission rate clarification

    Hugh from Canberra Ola attended rideshare lunch today (Thursday 24 May 2018) to meet with drivers. Hugh helpfully clarified the availability of the 7.5% commission. In particular, drivers signing up now remain eligible for the 7.5% rate. Drivers who signed up by Wednesday 18 April 2018...
  9. Jack Malarkey

    GoCatch introduces variable service fee etc. depending on completion status

    GoCatch sent the following email to drivers at 12.25 pm on Friday 12 January 2017: Improve Your Driver Status to Get More From GoCatch Hi Jack, Thank you for driving with us! Here at GoCatch we enjoy rewarding our top drivers and we will continue to provide opportunities for you to earn...
  10. Maven

    Are Uber-Brits Smarter that Yanks?

    British (UK) Uber drivers seem to have had a lot more success than USA drivers with Uber in Organizing and Unionizing (GMB) Court cases Health & other Benefits Getting concessions from Uber What are Brits doing right that Yanks should copy? ___ Jul 28, 2017 by Joy McGregor...
  11. T

    What are "service fees"?

    So in checking a few of my trip statements and trip details recently I noticed that Uber has taken a service fee along with their booking fee. It's usually a fairly High number and eats up a good bit of the percentage of the trip cost. Can anyone explain what this service fee is since I can't...
  12. Jack Malarkey

    Change in nomenclature

    Have you noticed that Uber is now referring to 'surge pricing' as 'dynamic pricing' and its 'commission' as a 'service fee'? I regard all four terms as accurate in a technical sense. 'Dynamic pricing' is the general term used for pricing that varies according to demand. It is used, for...
  13. NYTWA Eliza

    NYTWA Uber members in NY won a huge victory - Now Uber is trying to pull a fast one

    ATTN: NY Uber drivers Uber is sending you money back that it claims it took from you by mistake. Basically, we have Uber cornered for stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from drivers, so they are now trying to pull a fast one and avoid the court and avoid paying drivers everything you are...
  14. N

    Is it the same New Jersey Power Driver Bonus for everyone?

    For me, they change it about a week ago. It use to be 40 rides with 20 primetime gave a 10% off the 25% Lyft commission, and 60 with 30 primetime made 20%. But now they made it a cash lump sum for 45/20 $50, 65/30 $135 and another level for about 90 rides. Now this means for example, they...
  15. BurgerTiime

    Uber refunds drivers it overcharged then raised its commission the SAME DAY!

    Uber refunds drivers it overcharged as they join a union @JaneVonBergen | [email protected] On the same day that Uber Technologies refunded millions of...
  16. BurgerTiime

    Uber not being upfront about upfront fares, drivers say Uber driver John Peart says that he's not being paid properly for certain trips. It's no secret that only a portion of what you pay for an Uber ride makes it to your driver. Uber pockets 25 per cent of each fare...
  17. Jack Malarkey

    GST and Uber commissions from 1 July 2017

    At present, we can't claim a GST input tax credit on the commission we pay to Uber. This is because Uber doesn't charge us GST on the commission. It doesn't need to as the GST law now applies because we pay the commission to a foreign-resident entity, which is based in the Netherlands. The...
  18. financeguy13

    Lyft Commision Schedule update

    The only thing I noticed after reading the 3 pages was that cancellation fees are subject to a commission fee now. I'm assuming that wasn't there before since drivers received a full $5 cancel fee. Pay decrease to drivers for those few riders who no-show. Post any other changes you see. I'm...
  19. FUberman

    Juno: Uber's less evil twin
  20. Richmy

    Uber Diver South Florida Driver pay rates

    I was wondering that I was driving my normal hours and getting lower pay. I checked and now see that Uber without notice raised my commission from 20% to 25%. Lowered the mileage from .85 to .75 and the per minute from .13 to .10. I was struggling to make it work at the prior rates but now...