1. Kurt Halfyard

    LYFT’s in-app Feedback Summary FAILS to Give The On Piece Of Info I Want As A Driver

    So Lyft recently pushed the promised feedback summary into the App instead of issuing a weekly snapshot via email. Ok, fine. Maybe this is motivating to some. But the one piece of information I do want to see is the comments/feedback left by Pax. Especially the negative stuff, so I can use...
  2. Jack Malarkey

    Uber riders can no longer leave 5-star comments for drivers

    I haven’t received any five-star comments since late April 2018, the same time that the weekly ratings summaries stopped arriving. This afternoon, I took an Uber as a rider. Sure enough, I confirmed that the rider can no longer leave a five-star comment for their driver. This is a pity.
  3. SuzeCB

    I cheapest out yesterday...

    ...and took Lyft Line rides to get to and from Downtown Newark... The rates were a full $5 below the price of Lyft or Uber X... Distance was 5.3 miles. Travel time was about 20 minutes. We picked up people along the way, and I didn't complain. That's why it was about $5 cheaper in price. PT was...
  4. BurgerTiime

    Uber's new CEO throws Travis under the bus

    'Moral compass' was off at Uber under co-founder Kalanick, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi took predecessor and co-founder Travis Kalanick to task on Tuesday for leading the ride-hailing giant...
  5. Jola37

    Gratuitous ratings comments

    Sooo...anyone here ever get just hurtful comments from pax that rate less than 5 stars? I went to check my Lyft weekly summary this morning: 14 5-star ratings, kudos in all four categories, no flags...and 1 "4-star or less" with the comment "weirdo". Not really sure what to do with that, but...
  6. Zardoz

    How to Cancel/comment with Uber??

    hey all , so i have been driving for lyft a bit but overall am relatively new to using / driving for uber . is it just me , or does uber make it really difficult to Cancel a ride when you are mid -ride?? on lyft , i have dealt with cancelations before the ride even began (usually because the...
  7. vladi

    Uber app review comments

    Have you ever check them? I'm having sort of insomnia and I start killing time. Let's post some fun stuff here This is so funny to read Oh maybe that's my cat fight story? Two issues review is typical uber pax!! No one owes you Sh1t u stupid @@@@ Another troll crying about wear and tear of...
  8. Jack Malarkey

    Some of your five-star comments may be hiding

    Don't assume that your latest five-star comments from riders are at the top of the comments. They may be interspersed with older comments. I have a December comment below five older comments: two November comments, one October comment, another November comment and another October comment...
  9. E

    Nyc driver thinking of starting. Comments advice greatly appreciated

    Hi all. So I'm thinking of doing uber part time. I do have a full time job, just looking to work 3-5 hours a day. Around how much money could I make working in the city, which type of car would be best, ideas or advice is greatly appreciated. I know everyone circumstances and outcome are...
  10. Edman

    Quick Questions Regarding Rider Feedback on the apps

    Regarding Riders Feedback there are two columns, 1) Issues and 2) Comments. Are the passengers able to read both columns? Issues and Comments? Or just the comments? Please let me know. Thanks
  11. SMH Uber

    Checked your comments and issues reports lately?

    All of mine have been wiped clean. Good ones and the bad ones. Uber is screwing with us. I'm pretty sure they have messed and crossed these issues up. I received a cleaniless of my car report with a comment that I had poor hygiene . I was furious as it was not true. I hate that these pax lie...
  12. OrlUberOffDriver

    Post your First 5 Star Comment

  13. Uberella

    Help - how do you add comment to driver rating?

    I went out drinking tonight and so was an uber pax . They guys said its good to leave a comment as well as 5 star. But where !???? How??!!!!! I'm so lost and Google didn't help me ? (I already rated them 5 stars does that make a difference) Also good so I can tell my pax how to leave...
  14. DarthUber

    5-star comments have suspiciously accurate spelling

    So ... I can see 5-star comments now. I don't know if that's a new feature they've activated or not. I've only been driving about three months. I'd seen the 5-star-comments feature listed under ratings for some time, but whenever I clicked it ... nothing. Then, the other day, I suddenly had...
  15. Django81

    comments neg and pos

    A few positive comments from pax's and some negative "filtered'' ones from pax via uber.......... whatever - it just makes me not want to 'feel the uber' experince ... Why should I bend over backwards to be nice and accomodating to these ungrateful no tipping fks when they can just give bad...
  16. Lord Summerisle

    The Ultimate 5-star Comment

    I'm so hip with the kids right now, I should retire! It's never going to get any better than this.
  17. GregL385

    5 star comments dont show?

    So I have been receiving 5 star comments according to uber but when I check the feedback area there are none listed. However on the main screen with the map it will show there is a comment. Are these actually there or just Uber's cheap little ploy for making me feel better? One of them said...