columbus ohio

  1. S

    Uber Eats or Uber x

    Whats pays better in Columbus Ohio
  2. RyanShreve

    CMH Glitching?

    Anyone else having issues getting in queue at CMH? I've tried going online/offline, switching apps, closing app while online. Also, I've seen surges happen three times today, is that normal? How does that happen? Lay some CMH knowledge on me!
  3. U

    Red White And BOOM! No grunautee?!

    Well today is the day... RED WHITE AND BOOM! And Uber isn't offering any guarantees?? I'll be Ubering before but I won't be after just because of the traffic after the event.
  4. UberYella

    Does Lyft have a sign on bonus for first week like Uber?

    When i started uber. As long as i started driving by the first 5 days i got $50 added to my first weeks pay. Does Lyft do anything like this? I didn't have a referral code for Uber. I'm planning on signing up for lyft. Moderator edit: Welcome to UberPeople.NET, if you like what you have found...
  5. brbridge


    Is anyone in Columbus Ohio striking? Seems kind of ridiculous to me to do so.
  6. K

    Where specifically to drive in Columbus Ohio without P2P license?

    I'm afraid to do the P2P background check because of a simple assault charge from 5 years ago. What are some of the better suburbs to target during weekends and nights?