1. BurgerTiime

    Uber Passenger Tips Driver with Scratch Ticket that Leads to $140K Prize LAKEWOOD, Colo. — A Colorado Uber driver received an unusual tip from a passenger that later led to him winning $140,000. The man, identified by the Colorado Lottery as Lakewood resident “James...
  2. MountainFairy

    First designated Uber & Lyft pickup spots in Morrison

    Hey friends! I just wanted to share something that I discovered yesterday that blew me away. My rider was headed to the Kygo concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheater yesterday and she added a pickup in Morrison on our way. I pulled over at Red Rocks Beer Garden on the corner of Stone St. and Mount...
  3. BurgerTiime

    Uber Fined Thousands of Dollars For Violations In Colorado What else is new?
  4. DenverRider

    Dashcam Law for Colorado

    I have been thinking of recording my trips for my safety but I am having a hard time getting information on state laws on recording the video and voice of my riders in state of Colorado. If you have some knowledge on this subject, please share.
  5. FAC

    Uber increasing fares in Denver

    Just got an email today informing me Uber is increasing the minimum fare by a buck.
  6. FAC

    App or website with Denver Events

    is there a website or app that lists all the events going on in Denver on a certain day? Such as concerts, events, games, etc?
  7. KevRyde

    Uber's recent "PDB like" bonus incentives

    I received this offer late Monday morning. The last couple of weeks have been slower than normal for me, so I'm going for it. Note that even if you complete more than 20 trips by the end of business Wednesday, the offer is worded such that you still have to complete an additional 40 trips...
  8. WilliamWilliam

    CBS4 Denver Coverage + New Video: Lyft Driver Hangs Up Keys After Confrontation With Rider DENVER (CBS4)– A Lyft driver is facing scrutiny after an altercation in his car on Halloween night in Denver. The incident started when the driver responded to a house party near 6th Avenue...
  9. Archie8616

    Nationwide Uber Strike 10/16 through 10/18! You can do it Colorado!

    There is a national Uber strike in the works and Colorado Uber drivers for sure need to support our fellow National Uber Drivers all across the United States. Even drivers in Canada are coordinating their strike to coincide with ours. I'll passively strike. I usually work the weekends, and I...