1. J

    Question about Dark ( Hunter ) green car NOT borotaxi green

    Hey guys just got my hack license approved. I am interested in using my own car not leasing. I have at my avail a 2018 Chevy Equinox that is Hunter Green ( look on the Chevy website ), it is clearly distinguishable from a SHL /borotaxi lime green. Spoke to a supervisor at the Woodside...
  2. JollyJames

    Car color change in profile

    How can I change the car color in my profile. When I first started. A window popped up asked for color of vehicle. While thumbing through colors trying to find the closest one. Yellow was accidently picked. My car is not yellow. Only thing I have been able to do (as of this posting) is make a...
  3. Sergiy

    Black outside: any "black" whether will be suitable for "NY UBER BLACK" or...?

    I am going to buy the car for New York UBER. where or at whom it is possible to ask or obtain concrete information about color of the bought car: Ebony is also black silver or Jet Black or any "black" whether will be suitable for UBER BLACK??? Where it is possible to receive the exact answer, or...
  4. T

    Driver Side Mirror that is a Different Color

    I recently needed to replace my driver side mirror because it was broken. I ordered one online and it shipped. The only problem is the new mirror is black and my car is light blue. I personally don't think it's a big deal that the colors don't match, but my parents saw it and think I need to...
  5. Jorlev

    Would you buy a car for Uber that was not black in color?

    Wondering what the board thinks about car color mattering to Uber pax. Do you think they prefer a black colored car as it might appear to be more professional looking and psychological give a higher rating or would you say car color is not an issue. It seems a majority of Uber cars do seem to...