1. Nina2

    Uber driver gets college degree thanks to generosity from passenger ATLANTA — A former Uber driver said her dream of a college degree was on hold until one of her passengers surprised her with some help. Latonya Young told Channel 2’s...
  2. 300Miles

    CCAC scholarships this semester?

    Has anybody received a scholarship offer to the Community College of Allegheny County this semester from Uber? I received a scholarship offer for the past two semesters and have enjoyed the classes I took, but haven't received an offer this semester. I figure either it was over-utilized and...
  3. Igsfire

    Supporting Local Businesses

    There is a place called the "Sandwich House" in Cypress California, right across the street from Cypress Community College. Normally I am not riding around Cypress during the daytime but the owners of this restaurant are good people (brother and sister) who treat all their customers like kings...
  4. smoran26

    Solid day around Providence, with surge

    I had a good day around Providence/Lincoln/Cumberland. Caught some surge a few times and wondering if anyone else did. Lots of college kids wanting rides into the train stain, then I'd sit in Providence and catch a request in surge zone. RI may not have high rates but you can get a lot of...
  5. R

    College Kid, Can I Drive?

    Im currently enrolled in college, and I need a job that is flexible around my schedule. I figured I could drive for Uber, however I was curious if it's possible for me to make 1200 a month just driving part time with Uber? Any help or insight is greatly appreciated.
  6. G

    OXFORD? Anybody heading to Ole Miss?

    Just wondering if any Memphis drivers are going to head to Ole Miss to Uber/Lyft? I'm on the fence being that I don't know the area....
  7. BuckSF

    Where are the best places to hangout in SF?

    I'm new to driving Uber, and will most likely only do so for 2-3 months. I wanted to ask where some recommended places to hang out (in the car) might be in San Francisco. The reason I ask is because I have college class work to complete, and I need a reasonably safe area to pull over to and...
  8. Deadeyedannn

    Is 65 Miles too far for an Uber?

    Hello everyone! Happy Easter! I am a student in Latrobe, Pa, and I am flying into the Pittsburgh airport tomorrow. My current goal is to get an Uber ride from the Pitt airport to my school in Latrobe. The distance is pretty long and about 65 miles. I calculated the price and I am more than...
  9. SafeT

    VIDEO: University Of Michigan “Disappointed” In Students’ Profanity, Slurs At Uber Driver

    University Of Michigan “Disappointed” In Students’ Profanity, Slurs At Uber Driver “You’re an Uber driver. Go @@@@ing drive, you little @@@@,” a student was filmed saying. “Minimum wage @@@@@@. Go @@@@ yourself.” The University of Michigan says it’s “extremely disappointed” in the behavior of...
  10. jehfmatic

    Graduated college. Ubering 'til I find a "real" job.

    Hey what's going on everybody? I'm new here. Just wanted to get some advice and tips from LA/OC Uber drivers. Here's my situation. I just recently graduated from CSULA with my BA Degree in Communications (Public Relations). However, finding a job in this field could take 6-12 months if lucky...
  11. MikesUber

    The Beauty of a Random Hookup

    Oh hey UberPeople, it's me again with another installment of, "What I See Driving Nights" lol As always TL;DR at the bottom :confused: So I'm picking up from Stage AE (concert venue) here in Pittsburgh this past weekend as a show is letting out. I'm looking for John (or whatever his name was I...
  12. H

    Golf carts at colleges

    There should be a golf cart option in college areas because golf carts are allowed in areas that cars arent so it would be faster to get around and they can pick up and drop off closer to the destination, they are fuel efficient, golf carts are significantly cheaper to buy and operate than cars...
  13. R

    Uber driver needed!!

    Hello I'm starting my freshman year at middlesex community college, I'm paying for school and I Dont have a car sadly. I was wondering if their are drivers around the Billerica area that can pick me up at 5-6AM on the weekdays.
  14. cin90

    New driver testing the waters/prepping for weekend/marketing.

    I've gotten my feet wet this week by logging on while at home taking care of my evening domestic duties after my full-time day job. Since I'm outside of the downtown area AKA hot spots, it hasn't been very busy which is fine by me. Netted about $30 for 5 local drives so far. $30 bucks I...