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  1. R

    Verification code message

    i received a four digit verification code in a text message a few minutes ago. This was weird to me for a few reasons. 1: I don’t have an Uber account because Uber isn’t popular in my area and 2: I wasn’t notified of this text. It wasn’t like I opened my messages to find an unread message, I...
  2. BurgerTiime

    Uber contractor accused of stealing over $25K in rides and food

    https://www.cnet.com/news/uber-driver-plea-deal-25-thousand-credits-rides-food-says-report/ The former contractor takes a plea deal after issuing thousands worth of Uber credits to himself, family and friends. A former Uber contractor apparently learned the hard way there's no such thing as a...
  3. BurgerTiime

    Uber BUSTED! Hidden embedded code into IOS to track passengers

    Here it is in all it's glory. This is what got Tim Cooks attention and gave Travis an ultimatum and underwear runs: Tim Cook reportedly threatened to pull Uber from App Store https://www.cnet.com/news/apple-tim-cook-threatened-to-pull-uber-from-app-store-privacy-iphone-kalanick/...
  4. A

    Question about promotional code

    Hey, i have only used uber once, and i had a promo code that i would not pay the first 10 euros, but the trip was only 4 euros. If i have a free trip worth 10 euros and i pass that limit will i pay the remaining or every thing? I know that is a stupid question but i wanted to be sure. Thank...
  5. J

    Uber Driver Promo code?

    I'm going to be in St. Louis for six weeks and I'm switching from the Chicago market... Does anyone have a St. Louis driver promo code I can use when I sign up? Or do you know if I can use a code from any market?
  6. Harvey House

    About to join Uber, anyone have an invite code I can use?

    Was going to join uber in Brisbane, then realised I don't have an invite code. Anyone have one that I can use during registration, I think it's $200 that you get for referring someone (me), which you may or may not want to split :p. Cheers. Thanks, and happy New Year!