1. BurgerTiime

    UberRush is shutting down Uber is closing the doors on its on-demand package delivery service for merchants, RUSH, in New York City, San Francisco and Chicago, TechCrunch has learned. In an email to users, Uber said it plans to close RUSH operations June...
  2. Grand

    Easter: Uber Office closed

    Uber Greenlight Hub (Brisbane) Note: All Uber offices are closed public holidays. 28 Martin Street, Fortitude Valley Closed Public Holidays: Easter Weekend: Friday 14 April - Monday 17 April ANZAC Day: Tuesday 25 April Labour Day: Monday 1 May
  3. netshare

    Bye Uber-Sale my car (2015 Toyota Camry SE)

    sold it
  4. SMH Uber

    Ord caution tape is up at Pick location B.

    This morning....Between terminal 2 & 3. I wonder what is going on?
  5. B

    Closed containers of alcohol in uber?

    In Arizona the law is you can't drive with OPEN containers of alcohol, but can drive with closed as long as it is out of reach of the driver. So can I take alcohol with me in the uber?
  6. Wyreless

    Wash DC METRO SHUT DOWN 3/16 for Emergency Inspections

    The METRO System in Washington DC , MD etc is closed completely today for Emergency Inspections. UBER has placed a SURGE CAP due to this transit emergency Here is the full story: All Metrorail service will be suspended Wednesday, March 16, for emergency inspections Metro General Manager/CEO...
  7. K


    Any prediction to the upcoming bike race. There will be higher demands but most roads will be closed so you'd have to learn all the roads closed. Worth turning on the app?