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  1. Fargle

    5 minute timeout in app

    A few days ago I noticed a new and helpful feature in the Uber Driver app. When I arrive, a clock ticks down until the rider starts being charged for the wait. When five minutes have passed, the clock turns red and asks if I want to cancel. Yay!
  2. sisia

    Uber deliberately avoiding paying correct boost -- unless you contact support

    Where I am located, the only current times that are worth delivering food for Uber are between 11:30am-1:30pm and 5pm-9pm. I have alarms set on my iOS device, which Apple sets the time for all devices. I have the latest iOS. I always use the current version of the iOS app. My alarm is set for...
  3. patrykslom

    ORD Clock

    Please post ORD clock times here What is the current time on the clock? What is the most time you have seen on the clock? What is the least time you have seen on the clock? How accurate has it been?