1. P

    The Woes of Temporary Companionship

    Does anyone else notice a personal affect from the people who you meet, get to know, and bid farewell- to never hear from them again? Personally, I find it easy to connect with my clients. I have many good insightful conversations and instant friendships that abruptly end, obviously, as soon as...
  2. 3for3

    Rating Did anyone else have their rating damaged in the last couple of wks or was that just me?

    Last couple of wks my overall 4.87 (4.9 on client app) Wk before last avg was 4.75 then the past wk it was 4.41 WTF? Now my avg is 4.85. Its gonna take me at least 2 wks to hit a decent weekly avg seeing as they do every two wks. I sent this email on Monday. Ive been talking to a good # of...