cleveland airport

  1. Michael - Cleveland

    Drivers to be charged $4 pickup fee at Hopkins Int'l Airport - 10.25.16

    Uber and Lyft drivers to be charged $4 fee when entering Hopkins International Airport for pickup CLEVELAND - Uber and Lyft drivers will now be...
  2. Michael - Cleveland

    Hopkins Airport Queue: Estimated wait time added to Uber driver app

    Uber has added a new feature to the Hopkins Airport Queue: The app will now display an estimate of how long it will be until you can get a ride request. The new feature went into effect on Monday evening 3/21 and early reports are that is working - but reports wait times that are conservatively...
  3. Michael - Cleveland

    Cleveland Hopkins Airport (CLE) what I *think I've* learned

    I have avoided the airport ever since they implemented the geo-fenced TNC parking area in the Cell Phone Lot and set-up a FiFo (First-In, First-Out queue). I tried it that first week and sat in the lot watching the sunset... slowly... for ever. The system was clearly not working. But with the...