1. MHR

    Uber To Require Masks for Drivers and Pax Uber will soon require drivers and riders to wear face coverings in the US As it anticipates a restart to its core rideshare business amid the pandemic, Uber plans to...
  2. Umut

    Lady told me ‘this’s such a Ghetto’ when she saw old newspapers on top of the floor mats

    We have been getting lots of snow lately in Denver. I decided to put newspaper on top of the mats to keep my car interior clean, replace used newspapers on the floor every few hours. But this lady I picked up today said newspaper on top of the mats such a Ghetto idea, looks very trashy. I did...
  3. J

    How often do you clean the interior of your vehicle (vacuum, wipe down, etc.)?

    All, I am conducting some research to determine how often drivers clean the interior of your vehicle. Appreciate your help. Thanks, Jon
  4. Vision1961

    Thaw, thaw, snow, snow, thaw...

    Anyone got any ideas on keeping the outside of the car as clean and tidy as possible during the thaw-freeze cycles we get here in London??? A daily wash may help - but it's also going to get very expensive, very quickly!
  5. ThatUberChick

    Pets in car?

    I've only had 2 pax ever bring a dog and one held it the whole time, but tonight I got a guy from Iran and though his dog stayed in the back 90% of the time, it bounced around to the front since it was anxious. I personally love dogs and I drive my two around occasionally, so I have a lint...
  6. P

    Car washes and maintenance

    Where does everyone get their cars cleaned? Anywhere that has unlimited car washes? What about oil changes and general car maintenance? Share your thoughts please .
  7. P

    Keeping your "office" clean???

    How do you keep your vehicles clean ? I just leased a vehicle and I don't want the interior to get destroyed. Any advice? Good seat covers? Detailing?