1. S

    Is the airport queue really worth the wait?

    I've been wondering how drivers make anything going from the Hopkins airport queue and back. There's almost always 20+ lyft drivers waiting, not to mention how ever many uber drivers on top of that. I only drive for lyft at this point, but has anyone found it to be profitable? I came up here...
  2. J

    PAX app and the CLE

    I have had 2 PAX unfamiliar with the city now that their app is telling them us between baggage claims five and six? I assumed the first had just misread the app telling them we were five-six minutes away...
  3. Michael - Cleveland

    New Zello channel for drivers at BLOSSOM MUSIC CENTER

    For drivers trying to connect with pax at Blossom, there's now a ZELLO channel just for that purpose. Download the zello app and look for the channel: "Uber/blossom music center" It's okay if riders use the channel, but it's really best for drivers who see pax's wandering around to be able to...
  4. Michael - Cleveland

    CLE: Where's the lot? Where's the Cops?

    There's one cop who thinks he's Barney Fife. If you're hassled, just be very polite, explain you were unaware - and move-on. (If you're ticketed, send a copy of the ticket to Uber and let them pay it). March 23rd the new state law goes into effect (HB237) which specifically allows TNC drivers...
  5. Michael - Cleveland

    Cleveland Hopkins Airport (CLE) what I *think I've* learned

    I have avoided the airport ever since they implemented the geo-fenced TNC parking area in the Cell Phone Lot and set-up a FiFo (First-In, First-Out queue). I tried it that first week and sat in the lot watching the sunset... slowly... for ever. The system was clearly not working. But with the...
  6. Michael - Cleveland

    Uber Cleveland posts 'Random Acts of Kindess' vid on Uber Blog 1/2016

    A SIMPLE RESOLUTION: KINDNESS (Uber CLE Blog Jan 2016) Ricky "Rickonia" Smith, founder of Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere, is changing the world one random act of kindness at a time. Just in time for New Year's resolutions, he took Uber along for...