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  1. LadyJ8A


    Im going to go schedule for the NYC FHV class but I want to know from people that been there before ...QUESTIONS... Do they provide books we can keep? How much do we have to study? Anything else you want to tell me about fhv class I will appreciate
  2. Dangdriver

    What Would You Suggest Be Included In An Uber Class?

    We are adding a "Driving for Uber" component to one of our adult school entrepreneur classes at Community Business College. Do you have any suggestions as to what topics should be included in the course syllabus? I asked the community on Quora, with the question, "What topics would you...
  3. thedominican1

    Mass deactivations sent out today, email included

    Email: At Uber, it is common practice to examine the trip histories of partners whose driving patterns have resulted in serious complaints from riders. In very rare cases, if certain conduct is believed to be willful and results in a severe inconvenience to riders, partners can be denied access...