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  1. BurgerTiime

    Class action lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Co. over scooter injuries Electric “e-scooter” operators Bird (BIRD) and Lime, and manufacturers Xiaomi and Segway, are facing a new California class action claiming that the companies are responsible for personal injuries and...
  2. Dhr94080

    For Drivers who are fed up!

    Its painful coming on here these days seeing the more ever increasing problems induced by Uber and Lyft! I haven't been in here in awhile but ummm not looking very promising for your future as a ride share driver! Glad I work a regular job now. But ummm I thought I would pass along my lawyers...
  3. MyOwnUber

    Litigation against Uber and Lyft (Class Action Lawsuit)

    I heard today a radio advertisement detailing a class action suit. I phoned 800-214-9179 and the person who answered provided me the website Apparently, currently active Uber and Lyft drivers nationwide are entitled to some funds with a settlement reached by both. I no...
  4. A

    Uber feedback from driver re: pay calc

    A copy of my feedback post and help request today. Needless to say, my nethers are chapped.... "Driver was paid $4.63 Uber was paid $5.47 Atlanta Uberx In what universe is this acceptable? The last six of nine rides I completed reflect this payment disparity. That is 66%. Please review your...
  5. NoLuberFromUber

    Class action lawsuit against Uber

    I am looking for people who want to start a class action lawsuit against Uber. The basis of this lawsuit will be Uber not connecting drivers with riders during the new random background checks. This is not for people who have been deactivated due to the background check finding something that...
  6. H

    0 surge Sat night in SAN FRANCISCO..why?

    I was down almost 300 dollars this week, same hours, only because of this ---t on my a--, dispatching rides.. I also got good rides, but its very obvious the difference is a 180....also, during peak hours, I get longer rides, just a coincidence im sure, dispatched rides....either greedy...
  7. BurgerTiime

    UBER FLSA LAWSUIT ADDED BY CALIFORNIA JUDGE A California federal judge has taken on a Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) lawsuit against Uber Technologies Inc. The Uber FLSA lawsuit alleges that the car sharing company denied...
  8. BurgerTiime

    Congratulations drivers in California, you each get a buck...& 8 pennies!! Though at first Uber Technologies Inc. didn’t succeed in settling a lawsuit by California drivers alleging labor-code violations, it tried and tried again. A Los Angeles state...
  9. gizmotheboss

    Support for Class Action lawsuit against all entities for taking advantage of people

    Looking for Attorneys to help bring Class Action lawsuits against State, Counties, Municipalities, PUC and Ride Share Companies for ripping off drivers as well as taxi cabs.
  10. Mista T

    Threatened with deactivation

    About 9 months ago I got my dashboard camera. I researched the law in the two states that I cover. I made laminated signs and placed them in 3 overly obvious places, which say "Dashboard camera in use". Then one day I got a random complaint from a pax. They told Lyft that I have the dash cam...
  11. MHR

    Uber:We Don't Have to Pay Driver's Based off Rider's Fare Uber: We don’t have to pay drivers based on rider fares Contracts allow rider fares to be higher than what is known and paid to drivers. Arstechnica DAVID KRAVETS - 9/18/2017 Uber...
  12. BurgerTiime

    Driver in Florida files class-action over right to carry South Florida Uber driver sues company over right to carry gun on job Jose Mejia, 28, says he no longer feels safe behind the wheel without weapon "I do it on my own free time," he said. But...
  13. whatnowater

    Uber Class Action Lawsuit California: Upfront pricing ripping off drivers I love California. If you are unhappy you can just sue. Now when do we get paid back??
  14. Driving and Driven

    New York Black Car Drivers cannot file Class Action Law Suit

    The Supreme Court voted 3-0 in the final appeal to oppose the right of black car drivers to file a class action lawsuit for better pay. The court ruled the drivers are independent contractors and, therefore, unable to legally act as employees. I mention this as this decision may stand as a...
  15. BurgerTiime

    UberBlack driver sues for breach of contract for demoting him to UberX AN Uber car operator has threatened to sue the ride-sharing company for more than $26,000, claiming its “deceptive”...
  16. Alemix

    Class Action Lawsuit coming up against UBER

    Hello people, I recently met up with a lawyer over the possibility of starting a class action lawsuit against UBER. The reason is all the underpaid trips which I'm sure each and any of you drivers have been recently experiencing. The explanations given bu Uber Support are simply ridiculous. A...
  17. JerseyBoy911

    Uber's Binding Arbitration Clause

    Hey, I'd like a list of people here who have opted out of Uber's binding arbitration clause. If you don't know what it is then you probably didn't opt out. There are many posts on this website about it even instructions on how to opt out but, it must be done within 30 days of signing up or...
  18. MikesUber

    Uber offers drivers $1 each to wipe away labor threats valued in the billions

    Source: Uber offers drivers $1 each to wipe away labor threats valued in the billions A settlement offer in California would give Uber drivers $1 each. Joel Rosenblatt for Bloomberg 19...
  19. KVan

    NC driver lawsuit

    NC driver lawsuit proceeds past Uber's motion to dismiss plaintiffs FLSA and NC wage and hour claims. Currently 20 drivers declared as plaintiffs. Signup:
  20. KVan

    NC driver lawsuit

    NC driver lawsuit proceeds past Uber's motion to dismiss plaintiffs FLSA and NC wage and hour claims. Currently 20 drivers declared as plaintiffs. Signup: