1. Michael - Cleveland

    Lyft Drivers Say Uber's Fake Calls Cost Them

    Lyft Drivers Say Uber's Fake Calls Cost Them SAN FRANCISCO (CN) — A Lyft driver sued Uber this week, claiming the ride-hailing service mounted an effort to crush Lyft and recruit its drivers by making...
  2. Modern-Day-Slavery

    Anyone feel betrayed by Uber?

    Uber sells driving to people as a 'great way to earn extra money'. They put ads on Google saying that you'll earn $25-30/hour with your own car. This couldn't be further than the truth. Driving for Uber is extremely low profit after expenses, especially when they change rates and rules at...
  3. TomP

    Uber mistreating drivers

    There's an article in The Huntington News (a student newspaper) with this title: Uber mistreating drivers Here are several paragraphs from the article: What does it matter that a large quantity of clothes made abroad are produced in sweatshops, so long as they look good? And what does it...