1. YellowAntennaBall

    Cincinnati pickups for Dayton based drivers, Not?

    Let me start by saying that I've been a registered Uber driver since 2014 and am Dayton based. Started in Dayton and then in Cincinnati. Later doing pickups in both cities under a single account. I haven't been driving much in 2018 and up until last night it was just in Dayton metro. I'm well...
  2. Marco Solo

    Protesting the arrival of the new surge ripoff

    Cincinnati drivers protested outside the Greenlight Hub on Monday 04 JUN 2018. Note Boober's response: " We are testing changes to Surge designed to make it a more reliable way for drivers to earn extra money more often. We are always looking for ways to improve the earnings experience for...
  3. Pete Z

    How much $ w/ RS in Ohio?

    Hi guys. I'm new here. Just curious how much Ohio drivers are paying for their insurance with ride- share? Under $100 per month? Thanks!
  4. nullelement

    New driver, anybody do this full-time?

    I'm considering leaving my current job to drive uber/lyft/ubereats full-time. I'm just looking for an idea of how much I can expect to possibly make. I've already calculated how much i'll need to make to support my current lifestyle, i'd need to make at least $450 a week to off-set gas costs and...
  5. S

    Daytime Hot Spots in Cincinnati

    I've been driving for a little over a month and still trying to figure out a good strategy. What do you consider the best places to be positioned in Cincinnati to maximize my earnings?
  6. G

    It's time to strike for higher rates

    All interested in cincinnati strike, post or email me. We need higher rates. I have a way to make it work.
  7. Jerry77

    Cincinnati uber driver new uber cut our fares 80 cents mile? Wtf

    As a new driver in. Cincinnati I leave my uber app on and it freezes like almost all the time. One time a riders app and. Mine locked up and we couldn't get it to reboot. Uber said it was my fault… lost money on this then lets see short runs 3.00 maybe 2.00 and this new qualification for $20 for...
  8. William Baird

    Insurance Partnership

    Farmers Insurance just started an exclusive deal with Uber to help make sure all drivers have the coverage they need and want. Farmers is able to provide full coverage (increased liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage) during period 1, during the time Uber has only limited liability...