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  1. Jack Malarkey

    GoCatch: Child, parcel and pet services

    Email received from GoCatch on Wednesday 12 September 2018 at 10.30 am: Child, Parcel & Pet Transport Services - Register Your Interest Hi Jack, Commencing in the new year, we will be expanding our transport services to include authorised and safe transportation of children for drivers...
  2. T

    car seat recommendations?

    Kiddo just outgrew his bucket seat and now needs a large rear facing. looking for recommendations for a (inexpensive) larger rear facing or convertible carseat that is relatively easy to remove so i don't have to waste a half hour trying to fight with the mounting strap. We could...
  3. BurgerTiime

    State Laws for Child Safety Seats in Rideshare Vehicles

    https://kidsridesafe.org/map.html It can be a challenge to figure out what the rules are for transporting your kids in a rideshare vehicle. Laws are different from state to state, and they aren’t all crystal clear on who should be doing what. The guidelines below can help keep your children...
  4. MHR

    How Many Ways Can We Be Exploited...

    https://www.abc15.com/news/region-phoenix-metro/central-phoenix/uber-driver-mad-at-valley-principal-using-service-for-student-transportation Well, here's one example Uber driver mad at Valley principal using service for student transportation Sonu Wasu 7:30 PM, Aug 17, 2018 9:08 PM, Aug 17...
  5. Jack Malarkey

    Driving with unrestrained children

    ACT Policing media release (https://policenews.act.gov.au/news/media-releases/man-driving-unrestrained-children-fined-over-2000-and-12-demerit-points): Man driving with unrestrained children fined over $2000 and 12 demerit points Publish date: Tuesday, 27 February 2018, Publish time...
  6. BurgerTiime

    Drivers reportedly transporting children without car seats

    https://www.abc15.com/longform/lyft-uber-car-seat-law This is a problem where both drivers and their parent passengers are to blame. In Arizona, state law requireschildren younger than 8 years old or less than 4 feet 9 inches tall to sit in a proper child safety seat. The purpose of this...
  7. IERide

    When will Uber do ANYTHING about minors?

    It's against the Uber rules/policy for anyone under 18 to use Uber (unaccompanied by an adult). In California, it's also against the law. And yet EVERY day I get ride requests for unaccompanied minors. Uber pretends to care and enforce their rules and yet they don't even have an option when...
  8. Retired Senior

    Ct UBER Drivers - do you enforce the Child Car Seat Laws?

    My rating took a hit 2 weeks ago when I told a woman that I did not have a child safety seat in my car and that by law I could not transport her child. Today I picked up a family that was staying in the downtown Bpt Holiday Inn and they had a toddler. I'm not really happy admitting this but they...
  9. TheThings

    Toddlers, no car seat

    How do you handle requests when you get there and it is someone with Littles who should be in a car seat?? For liability reasons, I'm declining rides. I'm surprised Uber seems to allow it because the response i received was that i could politely decline, not that it was against policy, though...
  10. Mother of three


    Please be aware that it has come to America's attention that Uber is being used to transport children as young as five to sex parties, If you are called to move children with a handler and you feel that anything suspicious is happening, do not second guess your gut, immediately contact your...
  11. S

    Signing up with Zemcar - Boston area new company for kids & seniors

    I'm applying to drive with Zemcar - I'd rather have my own safety in mind AND driving children & seniors is great. Check them out. They insure you for kids, teens. They are signing up drivers to launch in Boston.
  12. Muziklyfe3

    Pax screaming at me due to car seat issue

    Get to pick up location.. Pax and 2 others come to my car with a child probably around 3 or 4yrs old, with no car seat or booster chair. I explain that without a car seat I am unable to take the ride. Well, they all get pissed off and start yelling at me that its BS and I'm lying because every...
  13. UberAnt39

    Hey Uber children - Hacker days are over.

    Just a note to the children at Uber presumably busy hacking together today's latest app update (the one we'll get around 5.15-5.30 today so they can get off to the Playa, QA be dmned), there was a great story in Wired or Vanity Fair recently. When facebook came under direct fire from google with...
  14. StupUBER

    Unexpected Riders.

    Hi. I'm a new UBER driver and in my very first day, I had a request to pick up one rider (duh...). So far everything was normal, till he told me to do a shortcut to pick up two more riders. I agreed. When I arrived to pick those extra riders I was surprised because they are two small children...
  15. UberTakesMy$$$

    I paid $40 to another uber to take my customer...

    Does anyone take passengers with toddler and infants without car seats? I had a horrible experience this past Friday. Trying to help this lady out to go to the nearest metro station when turning on the ride, it was a metro station 27miles away and she refused to get out of the car. I am a...
  16. Wabbitt

    Zum (kid rideshare) looking for Bay Area drivers, $100 + $100 bonuses

    Since Shuddle imploded mid-April, a lot of those rides for unaccompanied minors are going to Zūm, a San Mateo startup. Zum needs drivers all over the SFBay, especially Peninsula and South Bay, and are offering a $100 signup bonus after 10 rides, plus another $100 after 50 (only if you use a...
  17. SalZafari

    Mother has a kid but no car seat?

    So o picked up this mother with her kid, the kid looked like 2 years old. I didn't know what to do in regards to the car seat concern, so i drove them anyway. What should I do in the future?
  18. Ziggy

    Child Seat Laws [Map]

    2016 Child Seat Laws. Go here (source) and hover over your state to get the details.
  19. bigprttygrlswag

    Kids these days!

    Driving this morning on my way home at 930, I get one more ping - a motel off macgregor and riverside. Well, it's morning it should be safe. I pull in - it's 2 little boys about 10 yrs old! Backpacks, school uniform, clean cut and polite. Destination - montrose. Okay..... I'm thinking st...