1. R

    Trip Summaries

    where did the trip summaries on the Uber website go? When you type in it takes you to "Partner Earnings." The "rider fees" have also disappeared from the summaries on the app. WTF??!!
  2. Pecolin

    Chicago Newbie

    Hi, just started last week. So far so good. After a week (4 days) I'm averaging just over $24hr, (not including gas) I pretty much figured out the quirks of using the app in the downtown area. Had to learn the hard way not to listen to the map directions when it came to crossing Michigan Ave...
  3. PRC

    Uber is now offering flat fee $5 carpool rides in Manhattan during peak hours

    Here you go. Can't wait to see this in Chicago. Wow, how wonderful it would be to drive south on Clark during morning rush, picking and dropping people at every corner at pool rates. Imagine that you can do all this for a great gross of $15!!!! Uber is now offering flat fee $5 carpool rides...
  4. F

    Need Chicago EMBLEM Permit

    I signed up uber three days ago for Chicago, but I received a welcom email from Uber Peoria and I haven't receive the META EMBLEM Permit to pickup fares from airport, I sent several emails to support regarding this but they didn't reply, any idea how to get EMBLEM permit.If you search Uber...
  5. timetraveller9

    Getting pings at ORD while NOT waiting in the rideshare area

    The other day after dropping pax at ORD , decided not to wait at the rideshare area and was heading out, got at least a couple of pings while I was heading out that I declined. Haven't they designed it in a way where drivers only get pings while they are in the rideshare area and that too on a...
  6. pizza guy

    Tipping etiquette

    If the platforms all had a tip option in app what would you consider a proper tip for certain rides? Tips should always exceed tax so all airport runs should be at least $5, and then extra per mile. Any trip over 5 miles that crosses I-294 or I-90/94 should tip extra. Any stop should result in...
  7. PRC

    Surge tonight

    Is that just me or Chicago drivers went on strike? Have not seen the area covered red that much since I don't know when.
  8. PRC

    Uber settlement

    I wonder if, and how, it is going to affect Chicago market. Especially that uber will no longer deactivate for low acceptance rates. Death to Pool?
  9. R

    Uber POOL survey

    Did you all get the UperPOOL survey that went out last week from the Mothership? It was probably a dozen questions, all about the POOL experience. I hope that everyone did. As much as we all @@@@@ about them not asking our opinion, this time they are, so let's take advantage of it. My guess is...
  10. timetraveller9

    New driver. Signed up without any promo

    Hi guys. I am new Uber driver in the Chicagoland area. Signed up a few months ago without any promo/referral code but just recently completed the application looking to drive part time on the weekends. How do I use a promo code now ? Does anyone want to volunteer to promo code me in :)??
  11. john-hopkins

    How I earned $4 in 1.5 hours

    I went to ORD 2 days ago and was 51th in queue. Waited maybe 1.5 hours and finally got request from John Doe. Wow destination was one of the O'hare hotels. And fare was $4 after Uber cut. I came back to Cellphone lot again to wait another hour :D better than nothing.
  12. D

    Driver-Partner Survey

    Hi, I'm a student at Loyola working on a project about Uber/lyft. I want to know more about driver-partners' experiences. I'd love to buy a driver-partner a cup of coffee at a convenient location to talk more about your experiences. If you are interested, please comment or message me. Thanks!
  13. AllenChicago

    New Chicago Rule = Driver Deactivation For Unpaid Tickets?

    March 15, 2016 I received an e-mail today from Lyft. It says that due to "new rules" in Chicago, Uber and Lyft drivers who owe the city money, due to Parking Tickets, Red Light Cameras, Unpaid Tolls, School Zone Cameras, etc.. will be deactived at the end of May 2016. When I click on the...
  14. R

    Tip for multiple stops

    Hey everyone - this may seem obvious, but it's happened to me twice . . . If you're doing a trip with multiple stops, make sure your passenger puts in the final destination, not the others. What happend was we got to the first stop and I got a nearby ping (one of those that comes in while...
  15. PRC

    New phone number.

    Uber tests secret safety hotline for passengers in trouble
  16. jarvic7

    Anyone have a list of all Leasing options in Chicago?

    Anyone have a list of all Leasing options in Chicago, preferrably with the pros and cons, and any useful personal experiences using them? Are there any like FlexDrive? Thanks in advance :)
  17. Black Excellence

    Uber pissing in the Pool, riders and drivers alike

    This week, Uber has made Pool unbearable for drivers and riders alike. As has been covered ad nauseum here lately, there's been an increase of pool requests, and passengers for me have been legit confused about the fact they ordered one. Some have been OK with it, but have said they "can't...
  18. M

    Hot spots

    Hello Uberians, I'm fairly new and optimistic. But wanted to create this thread for positive support and also let us know where the hot spots are! I will start by saying that tomorrow 2/19 , Schaumburg convention center will have people leaving to ohare around 7am. I picked up a pax who left...
  19. Black Excellence

    Rockford Uber driver app >>> Chicago's???

    Sorry if this is a repeat post. I'm new to the board. So recently I was in Rockford for personal business/pleasure (I know how much of an oxymoron that sounds) and I wound up getting on the app just cause. I didn't realize they even did Uber in Rockford, but when I opened the app, everything...