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  1. R

    Fare splitting on POOL

    I did a POOL trip from O'hare with different riders (2 pings). their drop-offs were blocks from each other, if you can believe it. The distance was approx. 18 miles. I should be getting paid the 18 miles on both riders, correct? Looking at the statement, it looks like they split it. Before...
  2. T

    UBER Dirty Tricks at Chicago-O'Hare

    I've been driving for Lyft part-time for the last six weeks. Today was the first time that I waited for a ride at the O'Hare staging lot. I waited for about 50 minutes when I was pinged to pick up a rider. I accepted the ride but before I could pull out of the lot, she canceled. I pulled...
  3. Alex Scott

    Food at O'hare

    I have seen two food trucks at O'hare. - supreme catering guy, his names rocky. Small white truck with metal rear cab(it's got the food back there) he's good if your up before the sun. That's when it's fresh. I paid 6$ and a .50 cents extra to slide a card. You can tip on the card with the...