cherry picking

  1. ecarpio

    Pick and choose:

    Which one would you pick?
  2. WestSydGuy

    Call and Cancel brigade are getting some fame Sounds like the call and cancel brigade at Sydney airport are getting some limelight. Surely Uber can see this pattern from the airport dwellers, why don’t Uber warn then deactivate these...
  3. Halfmybrain

    Winner Cherry-Picks or Winner Takes All?

    I'm doing it again, Nu1! From another thread I think you have to read far and wide in this forum to find strategy. Am I wrong? Too many here are union types who would say to the new guy, "Slow down, you're making us look bad." They want to Stick It To The Rich because if the rich succeed...
  4. New2This

    180 Days of Change = Shitty Quest

    Really? Missed Quest this past week so this is what I got. No need to worry about my acceptance rate. Let the cherry picking commence...
  5. Mr Microphone

    Cherry Picking

    I am not a fan of cherry picking. What is it? Only taking "good" (highly profitable) runs, and cancelling all others. We all are in the same pool, so when you take the cream off the top, you leave the rest of us with the crap. Let me say this in another way... You are SCREWING your...