chekr issues

  1. New2This

    Another Day Another Settlement Connected To Uber

    Just got this. Chekr did something wrong? Allegedly $50. I'm rich beaches. Yet another reason to let the State Police do the checks. Is next?
  2. shockmaster

    Background check says "consider"

    I've been driving uber for close to a year now. I have a good friend who wants to drive as well, so I set him up with my code and we were hoping to be on track to $500 each. On my app under invites it says all he needs to do is complete 75 rides. On his end, his background check says "consider"...
  3. df60532

    Background check BS.

    I have no issues in my BG. Chekr obviously doesn't do too much to earn what ever they're paid by Uber. I have been driving for over 30 years. I sent a copy of my DL in. I just renewed it in March. It says "issue date 3/2015" on my lic. So as far as Chekr is concerned I have only had a lic since...