1. Showa50

    C'est la vie hiding in the queue feature-LAX

    Wasn't very beneficial these past few weeks with Uber shutting off the surge. But it was golden these past months since no one mentioned it. What's the trick you ask? When you're in the queue tap go offline and leave the app parked on this screen. You'd move up in the queue. No tree needed...
  2. BurgerTiime

    A MARRIED WOMAN AND HER LOVER CALLED AN UBER TO GO TO A HOTEL—HER HUSBAND WAS THE DRIVER A married woman in Colombia and her lover were caught off guard when they called an Uber to head to a motel and the driver turned out to be the woman’s husband. Identified only as Yeimy, the...
  3. L

    Uber Steal Money

    For a trip, pax showed me her app which shows the fare is $10.13 ( or $11.03). Later I checked my fare detail it shows Uber charged pax only $8 and I got $5.39. Totally not honest!
  4. Weimaraner

    Cheating pax

    Yesterday I received a long trip on SELECT, my eyes opened wide, my finger reacted faster than light. I picked two teenagers, and surprise surprise? The destination was changed into a short ride for a destination they wanted me to go in without entering it in the app. I looked for it in uber...
  5. BurgerTiime

    Uber deactivates dozens of drivers for cheating on LAX rides Uber said Wednesday it will deactivate some drivers' accounts here in Los Angeles as it acknowledged a couple dozen of them have been gaming the system at Los Angeles International Airport, using...
  6. LondonLuke

    Drivers Are Blocking Other Drivers From Receiving Orders

    I've been noticing a trend for the past four weeks that a Brazilian clique of drivers in my area (London) seem to have significant priority over me and certain other drivers. For example: There could be a dozen drivers parked within close proximity of a very popular restaurant (McDonalds) and...
  7. U

    Is lyft cheating drivers?

    Do you feel that lyft passengers are billed way higher than what lyft shows to the driver paid by rider?
  8. Uber-John

    UBER admits cheating NYC drivers out of $45 million

    Funny how their "mistakes" are always in their favor. Full story... Brief: Uber admitted on Tuesday that it underpaid its New York City-based drivers by millions of dollars over the past two and a half years, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. The...
  9. RedoBeach

    Uber Just Gave Themselves Yet Another Raise & Lied to Us While Doing It

    Did anyone else happen to notice Uber is now deducting the full booking fee out of your final payout? Remember in February when they raised the booking fee and promised the driver would never pay the additional $ they are charging? Well they're doing it now.. The full $1.75 is coming out of...
  10. kensteriraq

    Uber is like a cheating girlfriend (or boyfriend)

    Perfect analogy...Uber is like that girlfriend who you know cheats on you and barely hides it. You stay with her until someone better comes along and you're looking forward to the day it's over. You don't end it because you don't have another girl yet so you'll waste a little more time with...
  11. PepeLePiu

    Uber Cheating

    I have a couple of Uber friends, some times we hang together while waiting for pings or just to chat and smoke. One of them uses an Iphone, I use and android and so its the other guy. So last night the guy using the Iphone got to one of my drop locations (I have about 7 around the city where...
  12. IAmYourRide

    Guarantees Really Attainable?

    I just started last week... with the $1,500 a week guarantee and the 2 week car bonus. So... here is what I noticed so far. Uber only gives me calls in NYC during off peak times. It has been impossible for me to make 25 calls during peak (when driving all over Manhattan). I am not even getting...
  13. Mazda2Uber

    Quit cheating at the airport!

    This has come up a few times, including tonight. A few weeks ago I did a pick up at the airport and the person told me that the driver before me had called them and told them to go to regular baggage claim. This rider knew about the $6 fee though. And they knew that Uber is not supposed to pick...
  14. Arunas

    Uber is CHEATING you!

    Good day fellow drivers, I wanted to share with you my experience with Uber and how they are cheating! I don't know if you will find these same issues on your account, but its definitely worth checking. The problem I have only occurs on UberPOOL trips. The first time I noticed it was on...
  15. M

    UBER X v UberXL Ratings

    I have an XL vehicle. At least a couple times each weekend an Uber fare comes in for UberX. All of a sudden I have 5-6 people in my truck. Fine, I understand i can do a fare review, but I believe when I do, the next day my rider rates me low. IDK what to do. I only started doing fare...
  16. AllenChicago

    The Ride Request Couldn't Be Completed.. During a Guarantee Hour..WTH?!?

    June 10, 2016 I opted in to the "Hourly Guarantee" this morning for the first time in my 7 months of driving, because Chicago drivers were offered a last minute special of $30 for 2 rides, for certain hours this weekend. (Previously it's been $17 for 2 or 3 rides an hour) I had just completed...
  17. Adbam

    Uber app gives preference to newer %25 drivers!!

    Well guys I've proven it..... The Airport in my town is geofenced. It is illegal to pick up from my airport. Today I was playing around with the rider app and I noticed that when I put the pin outside the airport there were 10 cars. When I put the pin inside the airport there were two cars. I...
  18. Manish

    Uber India is cheating me

    I'm really sorry for posting here if I'm wrongly posting. I'm very disappointed with über. As part of promotion referal code, I gave free rides promo code to my friends and family. 3 rides were taken up by 2 friends and one by my cousin brother. On September 1, 2015 my account was blocked...