cheap uber pax

  1. New2This

    Golf Demand

    So Avenel will (allegedly) be busy. What possible reason do I have to deadmile way the fornicate out River Road to play "Where's Thurston Howell III"? Put one of those late-night Thursday Boost Zones on it and I'll be your huckleberry.
  2. Lost In Translation

    How to rate passengers who don't tip.

    I have adopted the TAG program. When pax ask how I like driving for Uber I answer "The wages are really low, but the tips are great." I have signs posted in my car saying. "Tips are great. Tips gratefully accepted by cash or credit card" (I ordered a free Square Reader to process credit card...
  3. K

    Everyone look under your seat! You get Uber free.. EVERYONE gets Uber free!

    So I was at the university today. Someone posted these signs all over. Free Uber rides for one and all! It's the Oprah car giveaway effect! You get an Uber driver! You get an Uber driver! You get an Uber driver! Everyone gets an Uber driver freeeeeeeeee! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!