cheap pax

  1. Attockpak1

    For the luls

  2. Lurking

    Fake Surges for Real?

    I know there's been a lot of discussion about Fake Surges. It seems to mostly be frustration caused by drivers sitting in a big surge for a long time and not getting a single surge request. This has happened to me many times. There are a variety of possible explanations: Cheap PAX waiting until...
  3. Kat.from.New.Jersey

    Child, 2 or 3 years old. Car seat?

    I got a pool trip For 2 people this morning, 12 minutes away, and I took it because it was slow. For 2 people. Turns out it was a couple and a bunch of their luggage, and a very young girl, about 3 years old. 1st of all they only asked for 2 people, and I only have 4 seatbelts available. I...
  4. QLDUberDriver


    This came in my Youtube suggestions. I can recall a few times I wanted to say what he said. Since Uber is promoting the "Affordable" theme, this is only going to attract alot more customers like this. UBER DRIVER GOES WORLD STAR & SNAPS ON SPOILED BRATS (SAVAGE) Found these also. I so feel...
  5. JasonB

    Non-tipping pax pretending to be tippers

    One of the most irritating situations as an Uber driver. Happened to me on multiple occasions in the past, as well as last night. The scenario goes like this: Party of 3-4 pax either going out to eat or get drinks or returning home from a night on the town. Party includes at least one pax, or...
  6. JerseyBoy911

    So you may want to start opening the door for Pax

    Got a report of bad "professionalism". Had a pax call me about 2mins after the ping. Pax: uhhhhhh are you coming? It doesn't show you moving (Valley girl/entitled brat tone) Me: yup, at a red light... also delayed. I knew I should've canceled but I was bored. Tuesday nites are slow...
  7. afrojoe824

    Are we picking anyone up?

    Please Note: If not for my 2x Platinum boost and precious metals ride count, I'd probably be skipping out on uberpool. Picked up this lady on Ocean in Santa Monica. UberPool and I'm thinking great, hopefully there's a matched ride to bring my ride count up so I could go to my spot where I get...
  8. mrdrprofxavier

    CAAARRRLLLL!!! (Lyft Line)

    I Drive in Chicago and normally have just been accepting Lyft Lines when I am driving around and it is dead on pings. This week I noticed that when I am driving a Lyft Line It has been automatically accepting new passengers without even giving the pop up circle thing...not sure if this has...
  9. JasonB

    The rest of you cheap pax should feel ashamed of yourselves

    I had a ride yesterday that made my night. It wasn't the longest, it didn't have the biggest surge, and it wasn't the most profitable. What it did have, however, was a pax who gets it. The trip was from this guys apartment, down to a local Chevron station. Come to find out, he works...
  10. FUberman

    Travis Kalanick ruined tips for drivers
  11. ATL2SD

    Lyft Line San Diego is now active!

    What are you waiting for? Get out there & start using your car as a public transportation replacement, today.:D
  12. Santa

    Ashton Kutcher against Uber Drivers

    So this piece of human waste was on a Toronto radio saying that "Uber is an experience and that You Don't Need/shouldn't Tip". The host then emphasised on the tip portion and repeated " There you go. You don't need to tip your driver. " He was on 99.9 FM which is owned by the Virgin group...
  13. UberNOT4me

    My first tip of the morning from a first time Lyft pax, guess what is it? What have you gotten?

    My first tip of the morning from a first time Lyft pax, a candy with dirty wrapper. I want to know what other ridiculous things have other drivers gotten from cheap pax before?