cheap ass

  1. Kurt Halfyard

    Does Anyone Miss POOL/SHARED Rides? [POLL]

    No. I didn't think so.
  2. LoveBC

    Uber Riddle

    So you’re drunk off your ass.... Which option do you choose??? Better question.... which do you not choose?
  3. GruveRecords

    Rainy weather = 0 for 8 on tips for the night

    Since I took yesterday off, this was my welcome to 2018. . 0 tips on 8 deliveries tonight. Hasn't happened to me in awhile. And, it was nasty weather in South Florida tonight. Well, I'll remember all of you. Next time it's raining your food is gonna be soggy and my delivery bag will stay in...
  4. QLDUberDriver

    Uber confirms cheap service through advertising

    As I was seeing the usual new ads in the Snapchat app, this screen shot below of what was part of an animation of happy people getting about town. The thing that stood out for me was the top left corner. "Fast, affordable rides in minutes." Although this is at least in better taste than the...
  5. Bandy

    Uber Starts Charging What It Thinks You’re Willing to Pay

    The ride-hailing giant is using data science to engineer a more sustainable business model, but it’s cutting drivers out from some gains. Uber drivers have been complaining that the gap between the fare a rider pays and what the driver receives is getting wider. After months of unsatisfying...
  6. S

    $5 in tips after $300 in fares

    It's ridiculous how cheap these people are. They expect more and more from drivers. They want us to have snacks, drinks, load their luggage, have an aux cord. Oh, and then they ding you for the dumbest things, like not liking the music being played, but not speaking up once throughout the ride...
  7. Fuber in their faces

    So my rider gets in and says...

    Damn, uber is full of crooks! Me: I know, right? (My town has no uber pool) Pax: why won't it let me select anything cheaper than uberX? Me: damn.
  8. AP92

    Uber vs Lyft Tips

    Anyone else feel that you get more tips driving for Uber you get more tips then lyft the fact that you can't tip on Uber app seems like drunk pax just hands you the $5 or $10 bill that they have in there wallet . It seems with Lyft paxx they fell like yeah don't worry bro we'll tip you and you...
  9. drpiddle

    You all can't be hiding from Pool rides!!

    I know, everyone is not on a run!!! Ha, you secret Pool drivers!!!
  10. JerseyBoy911

    So you may want to start opening the door for Pax

    Got a report of bad "professionalism". Had a pax call me about 2mins after the ping. Pax: uhhhhhh are you coming? It doesn't show you moving (Valley girl/entitled brat tone) Me: yup, at a red light... also delayed. I knew I should've canceled but I was bored. Tuesday nites are slow...
  11. SMH Uber

    "We've Never Had A Problem Before" ...Pax said....

    From time to time, I receive request from people wanting to squeeze an extra person in my car. I drive X not XL so the max is 4 riders. I tell them 4 people is the maximum allowed, you need to order an uber XL. Their response, with a look of disgust is... "We've never had a problem before."...