1. MHR

    Celeb Rewards Memphis Driver With New Car

    A single mom and Uber driver in Memphis just wanted to do her part to help others during the COVID-19 pandemic—and now, thanks to a famous celebrity, she’s been rewarded handsomely for her generosity. When Tammy Smith gave an exhausted a nurse a ride home a couple months ago, she felt inspired...
  2. C

    Ever taken a pax to one of these?

    A bit of an obscure scenario here, but have you ever taken a pax to/ from a venue which was holding one of the ever popular annual charity video game speed running marathons such as GDQ (Games Done Quick)? For the curious/ unfamiliar, these are huge events where hundreds (if not thousands) of...
  3. BurgerTiime

    Uber plans to give more than $600,000 to immigrants, women's groups

    Full: For the nonprofit, which helps women with processional clothes, job training and other support services, the free rides were nothing short of a "godsend." The company also gave her...
  4. Halfmybrain

    Any happy campers?

    As an aside from @@@@@ing and moaning (even if it's cathartic). Had a LOT of medium-longish nice distance trips this weekend. Saturday night I bounced on LSD (while still open) between Edgewater and (downtown, Hyde Park). Back and forth, so many times. It was a busy, tough weekend. One...
  5. YouEvenLyftBruh

    Just Learned About Lyft's "Round Up & Donate" Program

    So, this video is from October 2017, but I'm just seeing it now... This is kind of cool, and I'm not sure if Uber does or does not have anything similar, but being a part time driver, this totally makes me more likely to do some short impromptu Lyfting... The Lyft web site says: "On average...
  6. Mista T

    Lyft matching tips for charity today

    The app says that all tips we generate Fri the 8th will be matched as donation to Friends of the Gorge
  7. Mista T

    Fri Lyft charity

    For every dollar in tips today Left will match and donate to Friends of the Gorge. That's what the app says anyway.
  8. pizza guy

    Organizing drivers/herding cats

    Organizing driver is pretty much a joke and nothing but herding cats. What could be effective is a charitable organization that mobilizes massive amounts of drivers to show up to fill sand bags, give blood, cook meals for displaced people or whatever else is needed. What I would like to propose...
  9. AllenChicago

    Would "Round Up and Donate" Reduce Our Tips?

    My Lyft App just updated with a passenger "feature", entitled "Round Up and Donate". If someone's fare is $12.05...Lyft rounds up the fare to $13.00, and donates 95 cents to charity. Wouldn't this have the effect of reducing the TIP that the passenger would grant, since the ride "seems" more...
  10. UberxGTA

    uber rider charity

    We all know how cheap pax can be so i think there needs to be uber rider charity especially for pool pax. Every pool ride with 4 pax the driver should go through mcds drive thru and pay for everyone's meal. We all know poolies can't even afford groceries. Give them the thrill of winning the...
  11. KenM


    I found this gem in Bethesda Magazine:
  12. C

    Donate to Charity While You Drive (Help Me Innovate)

    So I have a crazy idea working on an idea for the first charitable ride share program allowing drivers to donate to the charity of their choice while they drive. The reason I am reaching out is to see if I could ask you a few questions that would help me immensely in testing if I have a viable...
  13. G

    Uber and DressforSuccess

    Hi there! My first post. Is anyone else doing the donation pickup today? I am since Uber is still paying you by the hour and you get to help out a great cause. I asked for an Uner shirt since the Uber rep was wearing one with Uner shades. I was curious...did Uber reach out to a lot of people...