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  1. Frank Underwood

    No Aux Cable!

    Ladies and gentlemen, we must take back control of our cars. I'm all for being polite but what's with these customers who are going somewhere 15 mins away asking for Aux cables? I personally don't like most of the current music being produced but I leave it on 103.5/z100. Hot 97 is by far the...
  2. C

    POLICE Charger—will come w/rear-facing camera and radar system

    The car maker just announced its latest Charger Pursuit—one of the most popular vehicles for US law enforcement agencies—will come ready to spot (and foil) ambushes from the back, thanks to a rear-facing camera and radar system. As a bonus, parent company Fiat Chrysler will provide the feature...
  3. Charlie Schwartz

    :( iphone charger problems

    I do like to create a pleasant ride for my pax, and it's really awesome when I can help someone whose iphone is failing. Unfortunately, the charging cable uber provided two months ago has stopped working. It seems to be dirty. Some research uncovered this (it claims that this always happens when...
  4. UberMeansSuper

    Oh, you're an Uber driver, too? 1-Star!

    First off, no, I don't automatically 1-Star self-identified Uber/Lyft drivers. But this guy earned it. Had just dropped off a rich couple who was going to a rich people party. No tip (but, of course). Ended that trip, hey, look, I'm in a 2.2 surge! Stopped at a QuikTrip to see what came...