1. WestSydGuy

    Taxify signup costs

    just wondering if we need another background check for taxify, can they use the Uber background check somehow? If not, how much is their background check costing us?
  2. uberpartner290

    Background Check Fee?

    I just started with UberEats and I can't tell if drivers receive a charge for the background check. I know part of it is covered by the fare, but is there an additional charge to drivers that comes out of your first paycheck? If you decide it's not for you after a few trips, would they charge...
  3. R

    If I am self employed, Can I negotiate my fares?

    According to our Rasier Service Agreement (at the button of the Profiule page) topic 4.1 Fare Calculation and Your Payment, there is this paragraph which is really confusing to me: "...In addition, the parties acknowledge and agree that as between you and Company, the Fare is a recommended...
  4. keeper1

    Uber driver charged in Guelph

    An Uber driver has been charged in Guelph after a traffic stop Saturday night, according to police. Guelph Police say during a traffic stop on Macdonell Street at 11 p.m., it was determined a man was picking up fares as an Uber driver. A 50-year-old man has been charged under the Highway...