1. Lissetti

    New Lyft Rates

    The good news about the new pay structure, is that when it hits your market, you will start earning once you accept a ride. Whether you accept a ride that is five minutes away or a ride that is 30 minutes away, you will get paid for the time and distance for the entire drive to pick up the...
  2. Yomann

    Are DF's now working at airports ?

    South bay driver here, and when I drop off at SFO, I don't want a ride request into the City. So I turn on DF heading south bound right away, and it remains "inactive" till past the Broadway exit. Today, it took hold right away on airport grounds. Is this a change, or just a fluke ??? PS: Lyft...
  3. Brent C.

    I believe its time we took a stand against the low rates we've been provided for years.

    We're going to need to take a stand here. The more people, passengers and drivers we can get involved the better. For years now we've been getting the lowest rates possible. UBER has gotten away with it until this point. I plan to raise awareness for us. I've started a petition. Which is the...
  4. Jalebkackson

    Uber driver App update? UI elements changed/removed. anyone else?

    Got done driving this morning aprox. 7am. Everything is normal. Back on the road around 8pm. The map looks a little different. Then notice: -the directional arrow is removed from my GPS blip. -ping volume is at full blast -'earnings' UI is changed (bar graphs for daily earnings are green...
  5. KingEsmo

    New policy for canceled deliveries

  6. BurgerTiime

    Uber Plans to Stop Giving Drivers a Log of Your Exact Pickup and Drop-Off Locations In a pilot program launching soon, Uber will begin obscuring riders’ exact pickup and drop-off locations in the trip history displayed to drivers. Instead, it will display a broader location area. The...
  7. 1

    duration time changed

    Today I looked at my payment statement, in the trip details I found out that Uber has changed the way of counting the trip duration. even the record shows 26min, I got paid 12min; record 20min, I got 15min; record 38min, I got 35min I emailed them about it, and I was told that the...
  8. nick caronn

    Use Uber to leverage other careers ! Come get some MOTIVATION!

    Hey whats up everyone, I'm just sharing some knowledge even though mods on uberpeople have just made it insane hard. They pretty much take down anything with a video in it and ban you... Even when you follow the rules so I guess even though its 2018 we need to keep this form to archaic text...
  9. Canteev

    180 days of change

    Of the changes Uber has made, the only one I care about is upfront pricing. Anything else, I've mostly been hurt by, e.g., taking away the six filters. I see Uber is again proclaiming how it's helping the driver make more by charging more for cancellation fee, for picking up a pax from far...
  10. wicked

    Uber Pool FAIL

    Account deleted
  11. Dropking

    Uber Destination Filter - 2 Again

    What a surprise this morning to find that Uber's destination filter has reverted back to 2. It was six for less than a month. So I drove much more for Lyft today, 17 rides for Lyft compared with 4 for Uber. This ratio was reversed for the few weeks that Uber had increased their destination...
  12. Androidcoder

    Ubereats customers changing their address further out

    How are you ubereats drivers handling customers who call or text you to change their address after you have picked up thier food order? I have had this happen more often lately, and it's always further out, sometimes miles further out. It's a hassle contacting uber by phone to inform them and I...
  13. E

    How to review/be trained on new features PRIOR to driving

    hi all, Please help me with an answer ASAP! I am very afraid of my ratings dropping because of this issues: Sometimes I will go months without driving for Uber, and it can be problematic for both me and my passengers. A few days ago I drove for the first time in a few months. The app design...
  14. Cruzer716

    Uber survey

    I just signed in to the app and was presented with a survey at the home screen about driver satisfaction... We should all reply honestly about our concerns and hopefully bring about change!
  15. pizza guy

    Change for a $20?

    Pulling up the the riders drop off location she asks me if I have change for $20. 'Of course' I respond and take out my wallet. 'How much do you need back?' I ask. She has the most confused look on her face and snidly responds 'Um $20.' I hand her back the bill and say 'Here's 20, I'm not a damn...
  16. Chicago Blues

    Uber Admits to Masking Pool Requests!

    I've been going round with Support with the issue of being unable to see ride types in requests X vs Pool (see attached) when accepting rides. 15 emails later I got the clowns to admit to masking the ride types. The ride type will no longer be visible. It's not the software folks, it's yet...
  17. P

    Car washes and maintenance

    Where does everyone get their cars cleaned? Anywhere that has unlimited car washes? What about oil changes and general car maintenance? Share your thoughts please .
  18. Missmira1122

    Can we just talk about.....

    I got a divorce earlier this year. When I signed on with Uber I signed up with my maiden name because I changed it back after the divorce. With the exception of my registration, all my paperwork is in my maiden name (license, insurance, motor vehicle registry itself [I didn't feel like paying...
  19. U

    Uber Boston increases your max pickup to 30 days away

    Think more than 6 minutes is too far to get to a pax, try 30 days... What do you vets around here think of this offering? It looks like it's the same from the driver's...
  20. warsawer

    Change of the city - does a partner qualify for a referral bonus?

    Hi! I've been driving with Uber for 2 years. Now I'm going to relocate to another country and city (London). I know that, sadly, the Uber fee will increase from 20% to 25% cause they're going to treat me as a new driver. But, do I qualify for a referral bonus? Has anyone had any experience with...