central jersey

  1. MoneyMitch

    A Hood PAX Wanted Intercourse

    Last night, I picked up a Lyft stacked ping in one of the Central Jersey hoods (Plainfield). I didn't know it was shared until I arrived, but I took the ping since it was going to where I wanted to be (Edison). For the purposes of this story, the passenger was a woman in her mid 40's and I'm a...
  2. Cbits44

    40/hr lyft guarantee

    i usually just stick to Uber especially on Friday night in New Brunswick/Edison because it's plenty busy with little down time. Lyft has a 40/hour guarantee tonight was looking for some feedback. Typically Friday nights I'll start around 8 and head home around 3/4 depending on how much I made...
  3. JerseyBoy911

    Speaking with Drivers Since Recent Rate Cuts

    So I have been doing my leg work and I have to say its very disheartening to hear these guys talk. Lot of drivers I spoke to are just, well stuck.... They have made the their FT gig. They haven't been seeing any return from their resume being out there and have decided that in the interim...
  4. gmc

    Highest fare/trip you ever had with uberx/XL/sub/black

    This will be for all of us uber/lyft drivers here in the jersey area to post their highest fare they ever had How much $ When From/to Surge or not Wheater condition if you remember No names needed just to help each other out to push some more and try to get that really long fare at the highest...