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  1. calidude

    First Celebrity encounter

    Been driving in LA since March and I finally had my first celeb encounter. Her name is Andrea Londo. She's in season 3 of Narcos (Netflix). She's beautiful! Took her to an Emmy gala in NoHo. Really nice person.
  2. Smllgas

    How can I make extra cash with these crazy dashcam videos?

    I been driving for lyft and uber for a 3yrs and collected lots of footage from wild nights and celebrities. What service or company can I use to make some extra cash?
  3. SilentKnight

    Celebrity Drive:

    So far: Monica Lewinsky Steve Martin Dan Marino (Miami dolphins)
  4. Uber Man Boston

    I took William Shatner to LOGAN Airport yesterday...

    And I unloaded the luggage for him and I must add that Captain Kirk didn't tip me not even with my sign in front of his face. Cheap Captain. LOL!
  5. Lyft_94110

    NBA player robbed while returning home in Uber

    New York Times Cleanthony Early of the Knicks Is Robbed and Shot in Queens By BENJAMIN MUELLER DEC. 30, 2015 Three cars converged on an Uber cab carrying a New York Knicks forward, Cleanthony Early, home from a strip club in the predawn hours on Wednesday, the authorities said, with masked...